The brutal murder of a neighbor with a knife / I do not know why I killed Amir

According to Borna; The investigation of this case began in November 1995 with the report of a bloody clash in the Yaftabad neighborhood of Tehran, and the officers immediately went to the scene of the dispute.

Preliminary investigations revealed that a 33-year-old man named Sina had stabbed his neighbor’s 30-year-old son, Amir, after a fight. Amir was then taken to the hospital and Sina was arrested. During interrogation, the defendant stated that he was angry with Cena for making too much noise and got into a fight after an argument.

He was later released on bail pending trial.

Four months later, while Cena was awaiting trial for beatings, it was reported that Amir had died of an infection from a stab wound.

With the death of a young boy, Sina was arrested this time on murder charges and stood trial in Branch 10 of the Tehran Criminal Court.

At the beginning of the meeting, the guardians of Dam said while asking for retribution: Our innocent son was killed. The defendant brutally wounded Amir with several blows and died in hospital after suffering for 4 months. We suffered a lot during this period and now we have no forgiveness and we want retribution for the accused.

Defendant then went to the station and said: I was asleep at home that night when Amir came in front of our house and started making a loud noise. I told him to speak more slowly from the window, but he started swearing, which made me very angry. At the same time, I went to the kitchen and took a knife to scare him. When I came out of the house, he suddenly attacked me and I stabbed him twice and he was injured. I really did not intend to kill Amir.

The judge asked the defendant what were the motives for the fight, and he was silent for a moment, to which he replied: “I have nothing to say and I do not know why I stabbed Amir.” I wanted to silence him and scare him, but when I think about it, I do not know why I hit him. I never had a fight with Amir and I do not know why he was shouting in front of our house that night. “I did not hit him fatally,” he said. Amir may have neglected his treatment or left his treatment unfinished, which has led to his wound infection and death. I have been in prison for 4 years due to uncertainty and I have very difficult conditions. I ask the judges of the court to clarify my duty

At the end of the session, the judges got into a frenzy to vote.