The budget ceiling will increase by 13,000 billion tomans

According to reports EconomyNews According to Ibna, government spokesman Ali Rabiee said in his weekly press conference, which was held in the form of a video conference in line with the observance of health protocols: “Last week, economic issues such as how to produce agricultural and industrial products such as cars, price control and Living issues and foreign policy were discussed in various meetings and the necessary decisions were made.

He added: The government agreed to transfer 43 thousand and 500 billion tomans of shares to three banks, of which 14 thousand and 500 billion tomans are for living subsidies from the corona and 29 thousand billion tomans are for paying debts to banks.

In response to a question about the latest decisions of the parliament and the government regarding the budget, the government spokesman said: “A joint meeting was held between the government and the parliament, and part of yesterday’s meeting was the esteemed heads of forces regarding the budget.”

Rabiee stated: In fact, the reforms discussed in the joint meetings of the government and parliament, mainly around the orders of the Supreme Leader based on depositing a 38% share of the National Development Fund for the sale of more than one million barrels of oil per day (equivalent to 40,000 billion tomans) And the non-withdrawal from the National Development Fund for the purposes of Note 4 (which is approximately equivalent to 52 thousand billion Tomans) and also the full repayment of installments of the National Development Fund that matures in 1400 (500 million euros, equivalent to 300 billion Tomans) were examined. As a result, we will have 93 (ninety-three thousand) billion tomans of budget imbalance.

He added: This morning in the economic headquarters of the government to amend the budget based on the letter of the Supreme Leader in the manner and regulations of withdrawal from the National Development Fund for 93 thousand billion tomans inequality, it was decided 53 thousand billion tomans to sell additional bonds and 40 thousand billion tomans The budget will be saved and the president will announce this to the parliament in a letter.

He stated that therefore the budget ceiling will increase by about 13 thousand billion tomans. He said: “In interaction with the Joint Commission, the government recognized that the changes are applicable to the extent that they do not damage the budget structure, and the President has given the program and budget organization the authority to maintain the structure and total budget, provided , Can decide in this regard. Therefore, sending the budget amendment bill is not on the government’s agenda.