The budget is not only unrealistic, it is well documented

Rabiee added: “One of the most important approvals of the executive regulations of the law was a strategic action to lift sanctions and protect the interests of the Iranian people, which was approved by the cabinet in 11 articles. According to the law, which is to lift sanctions and the views of deputies It has been to lift sanctions.

The government agreed to transfer 43,500 billion tomans of shares to three banks

He pointed out that the government in considering the implementation of this law, time sensitivities, Iran’s national interests and how and effective implementation to lift sanctions with a view to the future of the country clarified: the government by transferring 43 thousand and 500 billion tomans The shares agreed with three banks, of which 14,500 billion tomans are for living subsidies from the corona and 29,000 billion tomans are for paying debts to banks.

Referring to the Petrochemical Industry Day, he stated: “The petrochemical industry is a symbol of the creativity of domestic hard-working forces, foresight and prudence in the government and the efforts of government officials to eliminate the effect of sanctions, growth and development of the country in the most difficult conditions.” It is one of the achievements in countering the sale of crude oil, and today part of the country’s foreign exchange resources also relies on petrochemical exports and downstream oil industries.

Rabiee pointed out that the expansion of the petrochemical industry was one of the important achievements in this period. 17 petrochemical projects have been carried out in 1999, he stated: The 11th government, with the aim of continuing the development of the petrochemical industry as the first leap of the petrochemical industry during the years 75 to 85, prioritized the development of this value-creating industry in the form of the second leap of the petrochemical industry. Completion of part-time projects was on the agenda.

He added: with the realization of the second leap of the petrochemical industry by the end of 1400, the number of petrochemical complexes to 83 complexes and the production capacity of the industry to 100 million tons per year, exactly according to the goals of the Sixth Development Plan and the industry revenue by the end of 1400 to 25 billion The dollar will arrive.

Rabiee stated: In 1992, 46 petrochemical complexes with an annual production capacity of 56 million tons were active, but now the number of complexes has reached 64 complexes with an annual production capacity of 77 million tons.

The year 99 is the golden year of the petrochemical industry

He stated: The operation of 17 petrochemical projects for the year 99 is planned as the golden year of the petrochemical industry, so that the capacity of the petrochemical industry will reach more than 90 million tons per year by the end of this year. So far, 9 projects have been put into operation.

Rabiee stated: Planning has been done to continue the development of the petrochemical industry in the coming years, so that with the realization of the third leap of the petrochemical industry by the end of 1404, the capacity of the petrochemical industry will reach more than 133 million tons with revenue of 37 billion dollars.

A government spokesman said of the judicial transformation document: “This document emphasizes the positive face of the judiciary.” The Judicial Transformation Document focuses on legitimate freedoms and focuses on transparency as well as accountability.

He added: “This document also considers a leading approach to the issue of civil rights, as well as the involvement of public institutions to protect public rights, prevent corruption, mediate and support victims and re-socialize.”

The government welcomes the document of judicial transformation

Rabiee noted: “We welcome this document and we will do our best to implement it.” This document, along with the civil rights document, can bring about the observance of public rights and will ensure the efforts of the two branches of government. We are all happy with the judicial transformation document. This document addresses legitimate freedoms and takes a leading approach to citizenship rights. We welcome this document.

Regarding the proximity of the time of Haj Qassem Soleimani’s martyrdom last year, Rabiee noted: Next Saturday is the first anniversary of the inhuman and brutal assassination and heroic martyrdom of Sardar Haj Qassem Soleimani. The pain of missing this celestial man is still as painful as the first moment of hearing this horrible news.

He continued: Soleimani’s assassins not only did not take the hero of our nation from us, but also made him the eternal hero of Iran and all the free nations of the world. Today, Soleimani is a symbol of unshakable faith, freedom of belief, courage in the field, moderation and fairness in politics, and steadfastness in the fight against terrorism and extremism, and his name will always shine in these areas.

The world without Soleimani’s killer is a safer place for all the nations of the world

Emphasizing that the assassins of Sardar Soleimani committed this crime under the pretext of attacking Iran’s policy in defense of a just peace throughout the region, Rabiee said: “In this short year, they should have understood that not only depriving the oppressed nations of the region of Soleimani’s courage and tact in the fight against ISIS and other forms of terrorism did not affect the will of our nations in this long journey, but proved that despite such ruthless and ruthless evildoers, continuing the path of resistance and resistance against coercion and occupation is inevitable. Is.

He added: “We are happy that Soleimani’s killer will soon leave the American politics scene and we are sure that the world without Soleimani’s killer is a safer place for all the nations of the world.” Once again, I offer my condolences on the martyrdom of this great commander to all the family of that great noble man, the Supreme Leader and the people of Iran.

Rabiee stressed that anti-Iranian sanctions, especially at the current stage, which has passed the stage of sanctions for the last forty years and has escalated into a full-blown economic war, are inconsistent with the peace-loving spirit of Christ’s spiritual and moral teachings. Corona Fortunately, we do not have any red cities today.

He continued: “However, we currently have 108 orange cities and 140 cities in yellow. So far, the British mutated virus has not been observed in Iran, but the Ministry of Health, in coordination with other agencies, especially the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, is taking the necessary precautions for prevention.

Rabiee added: “Infections have dropped to a quarter and the number of deaths per week to a third.” And 7500 deaths have been reduced. Of course, this situation is quite fragile. We still need to follow health protocols. Some procrastination and procrastination will bring us back to a worrying situation.

He stressed that we should not become normal and optimistic after the wave of the disease subsides, and finally neglect the virus, he clarified: This virus is changing all over the world and of course it can get worse or better. It is infected with the corona virus, and any accumulation has the potential to spread the virus.

The guidelines are dynamic and the rules are in place until the end of the corona

Rabiee said: “We are in the cold season and care and observance of protocols and lack of gatherings will help us to cut the chain of transmission of the virus.” The approvals of the Corona headquarters are scientific and based on the opinions of experts and the experiences of other countries, and whenever the people have implemented these approvals seriously, we have had very good success.

He continued: “The guidelines are dynamic and these rules will prevail until the end of the corona, and it is the people who can follow the health protocols of their cities to turn yellow so that more openings can happen to them according to the guidelines.” .

Asked about the possibility of establishing a joint Russian-Chinese military base with Iran in the Persian Gulf or the Sea of ​​Oman, the government spokesman said: “Our friendly relations with Russia and China are at their peak, although we have limitations to deepen these relations.” We do not have all the political and economic aspects.

We do not consider the militarization of the Persian Gulf to be in the interest of any country

He added: “As we have stated many times, including in the presentation of the Hormoz peace plan, security in the Persian Gulf region must be provided by the coastal countries of this region.” This is the only way to achieve fair security for all countries and to ensure long-term peace and stability. We do not consider the militarization of the Persian Gulf region to be in the interest of any country in the region and the world, and we hope that the United States will finally abandon its cross-border adventure by abandoning its policy of intervention and division among the countries of the region.

Rabiee said: Iran and Russia have good cooperation in various fields, including defense. In addition to bilateral cooperation, this cooperation is also underway at the regional level. The two countries’ common positions on the fight against terrorism and extremism have provided a common ground for regional cooperation, including in Syria.

Rabiee in response to a question from a Fars News Agency reporter that there seems to be an agreement that the government will provide a budget amendment bill. With this in mind, what will be the details of the changes and amendments to the budget bill, and when will the amendment bill be sent to parliament? He said that a joint meeting was held between the government and the parliament. In yesterday evening’s meeting of the heads of forces, part of the meeting was about the budget.

He added: “In fact, the reforms discussed in the joint meetings of the government and parliament, mainly around the orders of the Supreme Leader based on depositing a 38% share of the National Development Fund for the sale of more than one million barrels of oil per day (equivalent to 40,000 billion tomans) and The non-withdrawal from the National Development Fund for the purposes of Note 4 (which is approximately equivalent to 52 thousand billion Tomans) and also the full repayment of the installments of the National Development Fund which matures in 1400 (500 million Euros, equivalent to 300 billion Tomans) were examined. As a result, we will have 93 (ninety-three thousand) billion tomans of budget imbalance.

The issue of sending a budget amendment bill is not on the government’s agenda

Rabiee emphasized: This morning in the economic headquarters of the government to amend the budget, according to the letter of the Supreme Leader in the manner and regulations of withdrawal from the National Development Fund for 93 thousand billion Tomans imbalance, it was decided 53 thousand billion Tomans to sell additional bonds and 40 thousand billion Tomans Save on budget. And the president will announce this to the parliament in a letter.

Emphasizing that the budget ceiling will be increased by about 13,000 billion tomans, the government spokesman added: “In interaction with the Joint Commission, the government recognized that the changes could be applied to the extent that they did not damage the budget structure.” The Program and Budget Organization has given the authority to make a decision in this regard, provided that the structure and totality of the budget are maintained. Therefore, sending the budget amendment bill is not on the government’s agenda.

Referring to the budget changes and whether this is an amount of expertise, the government spokesman said: “I do not have a judgment on how expert or political these statements are and I do not want to have any. Some people are sympathetic. کردن.

He stated: “In any case, we respect everyone’s opinions and consider it necessary for everyone to provide answers and communication.” The government is always looking for interaction and consensus with other elements and forces of the country. But it seems that critics and opponents are trying to present the government’s strengths in the budget as a weakness. The 1400 budget is realistic and accurate. Today’s reality and the image available from tomorrow Contrary to some speculation about the forecast of oil sales in the 1400 budget, first of all, Iran has the right to sell at least 2.300 million barrels of oil, given its position in OPEC. .

Emphasizing that it is natural that this right should be reflected in the budget and that the government, as the guardian of national interests, should provide the ground for its realization, Rabiee said: “We emerged from a glorious economic war and this is our first achievement since the end of this battle.” To get our share of the global oil market.

He added: “Some critics of the government are skeptical about the ability to extract and sell the projected amount of oil.” We can produce 2.300 million barrels right now. We are confident in the ability of the Ministry of Oil and the Minister.

Rabiee added: “Our current budget in 1400 does not rely on increasing oil sales in any way, and what is achieved through more oil sales will be spent on defense and development and livelihood support.” But we should not be mistaken about the relationship between oil and the budget. Basically, based on an idea to reduce the relationship between budget and oil, they believe that we should not produce and extract more oil than we consume, this view is wrong.

The government spokesman noted: “We believe that only today he sees the country and the continuation of the current situation.” While we must support oil for the growth and development of the country and build such an economy that the role of oil in it is negligible. We must sever the link between oil and the current budget, and all our efforts must be for the current budget to come from the dynamics of the economy, not oil.

We believe that the budget is not only unrealistic, but also fully documented

He added: “Reforming the budget structure means that we increase oil revenues and its products and derivatives to increase national power, create the world need for Iran’s industrial products and oil derivatives and increase national security and invest in the growth and development of the country for generations.” Create a future and help people’s livelihoods to get through difficult times.

Rabiee emphasized: The theory of government is based on the second view. Of course, we respect the concerns of the esteemed representatives and critics, but we believe that the budget is not only unrealistic, but well documented. We hope that the best decision will be made in the national interest of the country.

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