The budget was earmarked for teacher rankings

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by Tasnim, Minister of Education Mohsen Haji Mirzaei, referring to the characteristics of a successful manager, said: “One of the most important characteristics of a successful principal is” achieving the goal “. Our goals in the education system are defined by processes, but all managers must be careful to choose the right path, if the path is not chosen correctly, no matter how well we move, we will not reach the destination, so the first concern is “goal monitoring”.

He said: “Our second indicator is that as a manager we should have the ‘problem solving ability’. We are appointed as the manager of a collection in history and when we leave responsibility, we should see if we have been able to solve a problem in this period.” Or not? If we do not have problem solving skills, it is not clear whether our management has been effective or not. Every manager who takes responsibility must be able to solve a problem permanently rather than temporarily.

The Minister of Education called the third indicator of a successful manager “crisis management ability” and added: “We are always ready for normal situations, but in times of crisis, it is important what management should be like. It is in crisis situations that the ability of managers is determined. Corona is a creative and capable director of education who can powerfully claim that not even a single student in his or her district or city has dropped out of school. The principal must ensure that all students have access to quality education.

Haji Mirzaei, stating that creativity means the ability to find different ways, said: “If we have good ears to hear and good eyes to see, we can have a world of education and experience in this Corona period.”

He said: “The purest knowledge is knowledge from experience. For all physicians, facing Corona was a new learning experience. Along with all the bitter issues of Corona, we have the opportunity to think more and learn from this golden opportunity.” This course should be a course of learning full of pure teachings, we should appreciate this golden opportunity to provide quality service, if our perceptions of this course are not deep and accurate, we will all be harmed.

The condition for reconsidering the selection of school principals

Haji Mirzaei stated: If the principals do not communicate with the teachers every week or the students are not in contact with the teachers, the selection of the principal should be reconsidered.

Pointing out that we should not trust the previous conventional methods, he said: “The previous methods do not work for us today. A lot of work has been done on the documentation system and solving its problems, and we are integrating the systems that we have planned until the Fajr decade.” In the field of manpower, we are facing a turmoil that needs to be organized.

84% of children are brought up at home

The Minister of Education said: “With the decision of the Cultural Revolution Council, the responsibility of educating children has been given to education. Although 84% of these children are educated at home and are in the arms of their mothers, but we must provide an educational framework.”

Regarding the teacher ranking plan, Haji Mirzaei said: “The bill of this plan has been prepared and submitted to the government and we hope it will be approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly. We have also predicted its budget. Hopefully, next year the cultural situation will be better than this year.”

He considered the evaluation of trainings very important and said: “We need to regularly monitor academic progress, many projects are on the agenda in the evaluation center of the ministry, and we should all have a guide based on these evaluations, if a year We end up being persecuted without evaluation.