The capacity of gas reservoirs reaches 6.5 billion cubic meters

“There are about 600 storage tanks in the world, which can store a total of 400 billion cubic meters of gas,” Bahram Salavati was quoted as saying by Sada-e Vasima. In our country, there is currently a capacity of about 3.25 billion cubic meters and about 30 billion cubic meters are extracted from these reservoirs.

He emphasized: “We hope to be able to increase the capacity of the country’s natural gas reservoirs to 6.5 billion cubic meters by 1402 by implementing various storage projects, which has been planned.”

The CEO of Gas Engineering and Development Company, referring to the signing of a memorandum of understanding to advance the Ghezeltepeh reservoir development project, said: The contractor and consultants of this project were selected in June 1998 and its operational work has begun and a rig has been installed. The project contract amount is about 24 billion Tomans. And was 11.5 million euros.

Salavati added: “The project has progressed about 20 to 30 percent so far, which was slowed down due to international sanctions, but we predict that this project will be completed in November 1400.”

The CEO of Gas Engineering and Development Company said about the reasons and necessity of storage: “By doing this, the tanks can be replaced in the cold season of the year and in case of problems in natural gas pipelines, so that there is no problem for the country’s gas stability.”