The CEO of the Copper Company stated at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding for the construction and renovation of schools in Varzeqan

Dr. Ardeshir Saad Mohammadi, CEO of the Copper Company, thanked the Governor of East Azarbaijan, the representative of Varzeqan, the Governor and all the officials of the province for the development and growth of the copper industry in Azerbaijan. He said: “In addition to signing a memorandum of understanding for the construction and renovation of schools, this company started the construction of the Khajeh Varzeqan freeway last year.”

Emphasizing that the copper company finds itself with the people, the CEO of the copper company said: “In the field of dealing with the corona of the copper company during this period, a lot of help in order to upgrade the medical centers, equip Varzeqan hospital and Distributed masks and disinfectants in the villages.
Referring to Mes’ s social and sports activities, he added: “Mes Sungun futsal team has become the champion of the Premier League and Asia, and this year it will participate in the Asian Clubs Cup, and with the planning done, we will win the Asian championship again.”
Saad Mohammadi added: “Also, due to the growth of sports space in the region and the championships of the Mes Sungun futsal team, the plan to create a modern multi-purpose sports camp in Varzeqan has been finalized and will be implemented soon.”
“Exploration in the region has found more favorable conditions, and the contract for the executive operation and the appointment of a contractor for the construction of the Phase 3 concentrate plant is being finalized,” he said, referring to the plans for the growth and development of the Sungun copper complex.
He added: “Five million cubic meters of excavation has been done for the construction of phase 3 since the middle of last year, and 140 containers of equipment of this factory were transferred to Sungun copper complex last year, and we are not worried about providing equipment.”
Saad Mohammadi, noting that fortunately the tender for the construction of the smelter is also in its final stages, said: With the appointment of the contractor, the construction of the 100,000 ton smelter, which is defined as increasing to 200,000 tons, will begin quickly.
Holding a recruitment test in East Azerbaijan province

The CEO of Copper Company emphasized that there is no concern for financing these projects and said: “In addition to direct employment, these projects have many blessings for the region and cause the creation of workshops and centers for manufacturing parts and equipment and the growth of knowledge-based companies and financial prosperity in this city.” It becomes.
He said that with the implementation of these plans, employment will be created for a large number of young people in the region, adding: “We are looking to implement a recruitment test to attract 290 people from the Varzeqan region and East Azerbaijan province.” Through the examination of individuals up to the diploma level from the city of Varzeqan and with the aim of implementing meritocracy and creating job opportunities for the pollen educated youth of the province, bachelor’s degrees and above the youth of the province are recruited and employed.
We will announce good news soon

Saad Mohammadi also announced the exploration of 327 million tons of mineral reserves in Songun and said: “By the end of this year, I will announce other good news about the increase in copper exploration in this region.”
The CEO of the copper company stated: “Fortunately, we discovered two potential copper mining points in the Ahar region.” We are also looking to reorganize the farm copper mine to create jobs and turnover and create change in the region by providing conditions for increasing production.

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