The ceremony of honoring and introducing the former and new deputies of Khorasan Steel Exploitation was held

The CEO of the Khorasan Steel Complex appreciated the efforts of the former deputy director of the “operation” of the company and appointed Farshid Fazilati to replace him.

According to the economic observation report and quoting the public relations of Khorasan Steel, in a ceremony held before noon today, January 22, 2017, the CEO of Khorasan Steel Complex thanked Hamid Reza Zare for his services and appointed Farshid Fazilati as the company’s new vice president of operation. کرد.

In this ceremony, which was held in the presence of the deputies of human resources and social affairs, planning and development, finance and economic affairs, planning and technology, marketing and sales, as well as security managers, public relations and the director of the management office, Kasra Ghafouri Appreciating the efforts of the former Deputy Minister of Operations, who has achieved retirement, he said: “The path of the field of exploitation in order to advance the goals of the organization and promote production deserves appreciation and gratitude.” He also wished success to Farshid Fazilati in the field of Deputy Minister of Exploitation, and expressed hope that by using the capabilities of this young manager in the direction of the goals of the organization, we will see more growth and prosperity in the field of production.

It is worth mentioning that during his service since 1999, Zare has served in positions such as steel production expert, head of exploitation shift, head of production and management of rolling and steelmaking, and his last position was deputy director of Khorasan Steel.

Farshid Fazilati, who will henceforth serve as Kasra Ghafouri as Deputy Minister of Operations, has been employed by Khorasan Steel since 2000 and has held the position of Steel Expert, Head of Mechanical Repair Shift, Head of Steel Maintenance and Repair and Management Direct resuscitation has served.