The chicken and egg market has been abandoned

According to the Khyber Baaqtesad website, Morteza Rezaei added: “Unfortunately, a double procedure has occurred in the pricing of livestock products, which is very wrong.” For example, in products such as sliced ​​chicken, the market price is very different from the approved rate, so if we look in stores, the price of some chicken parts is up to two and a half times the approved price of this product and is completely to the detriment of consumers.

Deputy Minister of Livestock Production of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture said: The approved price of poultry door poultry is 14 thousand and 500 tomans and the packaged carcass is 20 thousand and 400 tomans, but in the field of slicing we see strange prices.

Rezaei emphasized: The same problem exists with eggs, while the price of this product has recently increased, but after packing, it still finds a price higher than the approved rate.

He added: “Currently, some packaging companies have priced a 9-pack of eggs at 20,000 tomans, and it is not clear that they have calculated the eggs into several grains, the package of which has cost 20,000 tomans.”

The Deputy Minister of Livestock Production of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture said: “The profit from this price difference will definitely not go to the producer’s pocket, and this type of pricing shows the abandonment of the chicken and egg retail market and the lack of control in this market.”

Source: Tasnim