The city of Rey can not defend its rights independently / Money and fines can not guarantee the lives of people / Waste and pollution must go completely to uninhabited areas

According to Borna; Hassan Khalilabadi, Chairman of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Committee of the City Council in a conversation with Borna Reporter Referring to the latest status of the Tehran Cement Factory’s complaint against him, he said: “Following this complaint, I was summoned to the prosecutor’s office once and gave my explanations in this regard, but I have not received another summons and now I am unaware of the results.”

Regarding the impact of factories on air pollution, he added: “According to environmental statistics, municipalities, etc., factories play a 40% role in air pollution in the city, among which oil, petrochemicals and cement have priority and have the greatest impact on air pollution.”

Khalilabadi stated: “Unfortunately, in a situation where the air in Tehran and Shahreri is terribly polluted, there are oil, cement factories and power plants in Shahreri area that play an important role in air pollution in Tehran.”

This member of the Islamic Council of the city announced the museum of Rey Cement Factory and said: Rey Cement Factory, which was closed in 1985, the municipality is supposed to turn it into an industrial tourism museum considering its budgets, but Tehran Cement Factory, which is located on Khavaran and Kuh Road There is Bibi Shahrbanoo, she still causes pollution for the people of this region and Tehran, and she must do the necessary work to prevent pollution.

Regarding the damage caused by the municipality of District 20 due to the influx of problems in Tehran, he said: “Unfortunately, the city is not an independent city and if the municipality wants to receive compensation for environmental problems, it must act through the Islamic Council and the municipality of Tehran.” We are and we can not defend our rights independently.

In the end, Khalilabadi said: “Anyone who causes damage must pay the fine, so if someone harms people’s lives, he must pay the damage. Of course, I must emphasize that our opinion is that the waste and pollution are completely out.” They leave the city limits in uninhabited areas, otherwise people ‘s lives cannot be guaranteed with money and fines.

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