The cold of winter hit the stock market / 10 thousand index units fell in 20 minutes

According to Eghtesadnews, the total index of Tehran Stock Exchange was covered in red at the beginning of capital market transactions and fell to the level of 1,428,000 units with a fall of 10,000 units.

The total homogeneous index also turned red and recorded 447,802 units, down 35 points. The total OTC index, however, turned green and reached 19,761 units.

Symbols affecting the index

Shasta, Shepna, Auto, Commerce, Steel and Hekeshti symbols have the most negative effect on the movement of the index.

Status of symbols at the beginning of trading

In the group of basic metals, trading fluctuations of most symbols are negative and we see a drop of more than 1% in the price of the steel symbol. Family is priced at 1570 Tomans and Fasmin is experiencing a 1% drop in the price of 1991 Tomans.

In the agriculture group, Zashrif reached the buying queue. Parsan also reached a positive orbit. Kaveh also turned green.

In the group of cars, we see a reversal of prices in most symbols. The car symbol has a 3% drop in the price of 338 Tomans and Khasapa is in the price of 245 Tomans and is experiencing a 3% decrease in price.

Khogster also has a 4% drop. Buyer power in Khobehman does not allow the path to the share and the share is followed in the zero range of the board.

In the case of parts manufacturers, the stock market, which has injected good fundamental news into the market these days, is followed by a significant buying queue.

We are witnessing a relative increase in demand for the Webmail symbol in the banking group. Trade is followed by 332 Tomans and has a decrease of 2%. Day is traded at the price of 4430 Tomans. We see positive fluctuations in the symbol Vpasar and Vepast.