The controversial football story of Fathollahzadeh playing with Majidi

When Farhad Majidi and Ali Mousavi were playing in the UAE League, Ali Fathollahzadeh once went to Majidi’s house and played small football inside the house.

In one of these games, Fathollahzadeh, whose football is said to be very good, managed to score 6 goals against Farhad Majidi and win the game 4-6. Interestingly, the former CEO of Esteghlal had run so much in this game that he became ill after the game and even needed a hard rest. Of course, Farhad Majidi himself has confirmed that he lost to Fathollahzadeh once in a small game.

Years later, the former Blues CEO recounted the incident on television to respectfully read Kerry to Esteghlal.