The controversy of Ali Daei’s luxury birthday party in his luxury house + pictures

Birth Ali Daei It was February 26, with a delay of about 4 days due to the death of Mehrdad Minavand and Ali Ansarian was done by his friends. Ali Daei Former football player, entrepreneur and head coach of football was born in April 1969 in Ardabil. Ali Daei With 109 goals in 149 national games, he holds the record for most goals in the world’s men’s national football games. Ali Daei He has been married twice so far.Ali Daei He has a daughter named Deniz from his first wife and another daughter named Nora from his second wife.

Ali Daei’s birthday, which was on February 26, was delayed by about 7 days due to the death of Mehrdad Minavand and Ali Ansarian by his friends.

Ali Daei

Biography of Ali Daei

Ali Daei Ali Daei was born on the first of Farvardin 1348 in Geral neighborhood and a large family. Uncle Ali has four brothers and is deprived of his sister’s blessings.

Ali Daei, who is known as a legend in football, has achieved some successes in his personal life and education along with sports.

Ali Daei was accepted to Sharif University in the field of civil engineering in 1987, but failed to enter the university due to playing football.

But Ali Daei was not disappointed by this incident and in the same year he was accepted in the field of agricultural engineering at the Azad University, South Tehran Branch and studied for two semesters. This was not the end of the story of Shahriar Iran’s education. Ali Daei participated in the entrance exam again in 1988 and was accepted in the field of metallurgy of Sharif University of Technology and received his bachelor’s degree in February 1992 from this prestigious university.

Ali Daei, who is known as a hard-working and tireless player, was not satisfied with his bachelor’s degree in metallurgy and continued his education until his master’s degree in physical education at Azad University.

In addition to football and academic success in business, Ali Daei has also been successful and currently runs several large companies, several stores, a sportswear factory and is a member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

Ali Daei’s jobs are not limited to sportswear and he is also active in construction.

Economic activities and sports popularity did not neglect Ali Daei from charity and benevolent deeds, and in 2006 he built a vocational school in Golestan town of Ardabil with all the equipment named Abolfazl Daei (his father) and handed over education to District 1.

Ali Daei

Economic and sports activities of Ali Daei

In October 2013, a 6-grade school donated by Nazi Saffari, living in the United States, built by Ali Daei and with the participation of the General Directorate of School Renovation, was put into operation in the village of Azaddeh Salehabad in Khorasan Razavi Province. Its construction had cost a total of 300 million tomans.

Ali Daei, on behalf of the community of athletes, received the charity award in the third biennial charity award, which was held on March 3, 2014.

Ali Daei

Ali Daei’s marriage

Ali Daei got married on the first of Bahman 1383 and joined the Jirga of Married. Ali Daei in an interview with Tebyan website in 2005 regarding the way he met his wife and the characteristics of his partner said: My wife is one of our close family acquaintances, her mother is Ardabili and her father is from Tabriz and she grew up in Tehran. She has the full profile of an Azerbaijani girl and has a bachelor’s degree in food industry. She is eight years younger than me.

Regarding the choice of his wife, Ali Daei said: My wife and I chose my wife. Ali Daei continues: My wife is the first child in the family.

The interesting thing about the uncle’s marriage is the dowry of their spouse. “Because my wife’s family has valuable Islamic beliefs, their dowry, like the dowry of Hazrat Fatima (PBUH), is” water “. “Many people thought that my wife’s dowry was a lot of coins, in the words of these newcomers! … But with the understanding that was between us, the dowry is not a guarantee of happiness, but honesty and goodwill are the basis of a life together.

Ali Daei’s first child was born in 2009. A girl named Nora, whom Ali Daei is very fond of and says: I want Nora to achieve everything.

Uncle Ali takes his daughter with him whenever the situation arises.

Ali Daei