The corona vaccine reaches Iran through these three routes

Months have passed since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the world and in Iran. Although it was rumored from the earliest days that the structure of the virus was so complex that it could mutate over and over again, there was hope for a drug or vaccine that could withstand widespread outbreaks and high mortality. Get rid of this virus. That’s why the world’s largest vaccine companies set out to complete the 10- to 15-year journey of vaccine production in just a few months.

It should be noted that there are many sensitivities in the world to vaccine production; Because vaccines are made from a weakened or killed virus, they must be injected into healthy people to protect them from disease. Therefore, their safety and effectiveness must be evaluated again and again and go through different stages; That being said, it may take 12 to 15 years to make a vaccine.

But during the corona, the conditions of human life are emergency, and accordingly, countries, including our country, decided to produce a vaccine for corona in a few months or finally a year to save human lives; It did not seem easy, and it was said earlier that it would not be possible to get the vaccine sooner than two years, but it happened sooner than expected.

# واکسن_بخرید

It was on this basis that after a few months, whispers were made about the development of vaccines such as the Oxford University corona vaccine, the American Pfizer vaccine, which was produced with the participation of the German company Binetch, the modern American vaccine, several vaccines in China, Russia, and so on. On the other hand, countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada, etc. bought these vaccines to start vaccination against Covid-19 for their people. The officials of our country also announced that they will buy the vaccine on the condition of safety and effectiveness of these vaccines and, of course, the right to choose from the Cox’s basket, but along the way, due to sanctions, there were problems in money transfer and some marginal news. This issue also led to a demand in cyberspace to provide the vaccine with the hashtag “#vaccine_buy”.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization, which has created a collection called COOKS for equitable access to the corona vaccine for all countries, especially developing and low-income countries, announced that countries can queue to buy the corona vaccine through this collection. Take.

3 routes of supply of corona vaccine in Iran

In our country, it has been announced many times that as soon as any of the corona vaccines are approved by international authorities, it will be purchased. Accordingly, Dr. Saeed Namaki, Minister of Health, emphasized that the supply of corona vaccine is pursued in three ways; First, the purchase of the vaccine is one of the confirmed sources in the world that according to the Minister of Health, Iran has selected four sources to purchase the vaccine in order to purchase about 18 million doses of Corona vaccine.

According to Namaki, in the second route of vaccine preparation, we should be able to follow the path in the form of a joint contract, domestic production and off-road technical knowledge, which we did well with two or three countries.

Regarding the third way of preparing the vaccine, he said: The third way is to rely on knowledge and domestic products.

The first route; Details of foreign purchase of corona vaccine

It should be noted that the purchase of corona vaccine from external sources is pursued in two ways; One is the purchase of vaccines from the Cowx collection, which is under the auspices of the World Health Organization, and the second is the direct purchase of corona vaccine companies around the world that have been able to obtain international licenses.

In the first direction, Iran has placed its purchase document in the queue of this collection since the beginning of the formation of Cowx. Of course, due to the US sanctions against our country and the closure of the financial transfer route, Iran faced problems in paying for the corona vaccine to the Cowx complex, which challenged the payment.

However, after positive consultations with the World Health Organization, on January 25, 2016, Abdul Nasser Hemmati, Governor of the Central Bank, announced the removal of barriers to the purchase of corona vaccine and announced that the initial agreement to transfer from a bank account (other than central bank resources in Korea) was received and we issued the payment order. Necessary follow-ups in this field continue unabated.

He stressed: The Central Bank of Iran has allocated 200 million euros to purchase the corona vaccine at this stage. We will provide more resources if needed.

18 factories producing Corona vaccine in Kovacs and Iran

Meanwhile, Dr. Alireza Bigleri, President of the Passor Institute of Iran, told ISNA about the supply of Covid vaccine-19 from the Covox basket: “The World Health Organization has selected 18 coron vaccine factories in the Covox complex, and most countries in the world have the basket.” They bought Cox. Iran, of course, has done the same with the condition of choosing, so that the most appropriate and best vaccine for the country can be selected.

The Red Crescent enters the field of Corona vaccine purchase

The second route of foreign purchase of Covid-19 vaccine, however, will be through the participation of various sectors, including the private sector, organizations such as the Red Crescent Society, and so on. As a result of the request of the Minister of Health from the Red Crescent Society for the participation of this organization in the field of providing corona vaccine from abroad, immediate measures were taken. In an interview with ISNA, Dr. Karim Hemmati, President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, announced the purchase of one million doses of Corona vaccine and said: “We should check both the price and the type of vaccine with the Food and Drug Administration.” Apply for any vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

He also told a news conference that the Red Crescent would buy the one million doses of the vaccine from China. Of course, not only us but also many countries in the region bought the vaccine from China; Because the conditions of these vaccines are more appropriate to the conditions of our country. The rest of the vaccines, which will be about 20 million doses, will be provided by the Ministry of Health.

The second route; Details of co-production of Corona vaccine with other countries

At the same time, another path that Iranian health officials are pursuing to supply the Corona vaccine is the joint production of this vaccine in cooperation with other countries. So in one case, this co-production has begun, even in the first phase of its human study, and in the second phase of human study.

In this regard, the head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran told ISNA: “The design of corona vaccine in the field of joint production is done by both countries and the designs and quality studies for the production of this vaccine are done jointly between the two countries.”

Beginning of the second phase of the study of corona vaccine co-produced in a partner country under the supervision of the Pasteur Institute

He said that the clinical trial of phase one of the co-produced vaccine was to be carried out in the partner country, adding that the clinical trial of phase one of the co-produced vaccine has been completed and the second phase of the clinical trial is being carried out under the supervision of Pasteur Institute. Phase one of the clinical study focuses more on safety, and phase two, in addition to evaluating vaccine safety, also discusses vaccine efficacy. Accordingly, the second phase is underway in that country. As soon as we see the results of the second phase and make sure that the vaccine is safe and effective and acceptable, the third phase of the clinical study, which is the least dangerous phase, will be performed in Iran.

Third route; Domestic production of Covid vaccine -19

According to the Ministry of Health, several companies in our country are working in the field of making corona vaccine in different ways, and several companies have advanced in this field. So that even one of the companies in our country that has made a corona vaccine using the method of making a killed or weakened virus vaccine, after successfully studying three animals: mice, rabbits and monkeys and providing documents and The results of these experiments have succeeded in obtaining the license of the Food and Drug Administration and the permission of the Research Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health to begin the first phase of the human study.

Accordingly, Dr. Minoo Mehrz – the main researcher of the Iranian corona vaccine production project and a member of the scientific committee of the National Corona Headquarters, told ISNA about the details of this action: “So far, many people in the country have volunteered to participate in human testing.” Of course, the first phase of the human test of the Iranian corona vaccine begins with 56 people. In this phase, two injections are given to the volunteers every two weeks. Based on this, God willing, we will start the human test from the first week of January onwards.

Regarding the conditions for volunteers to take part in the human test of the Corona vaccine, he said: “These people must be completely healthy, all the necessary tests must be done for him, but he must not have a history of Covid-19 and his antibodies must be negative and between 18 and 50.” Be the year.

Mehrz emphasized: I think if everything goes well and we get its approval from the World Health Organization, we will finally be able to have the Iranian corona vaccine in the spring. Finally, at most, we can have this vaccine in late spring if successful.

It remains to be seen in which context Iran will get the vaccine sooner, given when some countries have started vaccinating people against Corona, and when the vaccination of Iranians against Corona will begin.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that given the high global demand for vaccines, it can not be hoped that in the current situation, a large number of doses of vaccine will be provided to the entire population of the country. So from now on we have to think about prioritizing the corona vaccine and announcing this prioritization clearly so that people can be sure that there will be no social inequality and the corona vaccine will be given to people who are really given priority in the first place. Are located.