The Corona virus was warned by the prophet 1400 years ago + video

Hojjatoleslam Alireza Panahian in a speech on “The message of global seditions of the apocalypse” in the holy shrine of Imamzadeh Abdullah Shahr Rey, stating that for about 40 years we are witnessing the preparations for the reappearance of the Imam, but the era of the spirits of Al-Fadah, said: Becomes more pervasive; From the transformation that started in our country with the Islamic Revolution and Khuban and the saints emphasized that this is from the beginning of Faraj to the holy defense and the situation in the region and today we are witnessing widespread seditions such as Corona disease.

The need for a macro view of the prevalence of coronavirus

“We hope that all these events will be the prelude to the advent of the Promised Mehdi (pbuh),” said Panahian. Have.

The master of the seminary, referring to the verse: “We will certainly test you with something of fear, hunger, financial loss, loss of life and lack of produce, and give glad tidings to the patient (in these events and calamities).” He said: “It is narrated that the origin of this verse is related to the apocalypse and before the resurrection.” ; That is, diseases that are followed by widespread fear. It leads to death and widespread economic problems. Also, the floods and destructions we are witnessing have made a difference in the natural state of the universe.

Panahian continued: In this verse, God immediately gives good news to those who resist well. These are the ones who are waiting for the revelation and understand the revelation.

The philosophy of “evil” in the end times is for people to understand the necessity of government, but of God

He raises the question of why disasters should be so pervasive before emergence and why the preparations for the vulva should be “disaster”? He stated: One of the important philosophies of the occurrence of disasters before the advent is that human beings realize the necessity of management, but God in the world. Man must be prepared and accept sovereignty, but find God.

The head of the seminary of Dar al-Hikma, stating that even the murder of an oppressed person is important for God, referring to the verses of the Qur’an, said: God will line up billions of people on the Day of Judgment, and one of the key questions is why this child was killed?

Panahian continued: “We pass by the oppression and bombing of the oppressed people of Yemen very easily.” What crimes do extremists commit in India? God does not pass over these. What can be done to end these atrocities? But God must rule; The province, but God Almighty must rule.

The calamity must be spread so that the people realize the necessity of the rule of Imam al-Zaman (as)

He stated that understanding the necessity of guardianship, but God Almighty is not easy for many people, unless they realize this necessity with these pervasive calamities, he clarified: Believers and people with knowledge, even if they see an oppression, will realize this necessity. Even when they see the deprivations, they realize the necessity of presence, but God Almighty. Just as we feel the necessity of the presence of Hazrat Hojjat in this disease, the believers feel the same necessity when they see ignorance in the world.

“Apart from the believers, how can the general public realize this necessity; This is not easy; “Therefore, with the pervasive calamities, the people must realize the necessity of their presence, but of God Almighty and their rule.”

Whatever we lack in increasing knowledge about the necessity of sovereignty, but God, disasters will take its place.

“We must realize the necessity of sovereignty, but God, with far fewer calamities than the recent calamity,” Panahian said. “It is the work of human propaganda and knowledge that must replace these calamities.” Whatever we do in spreading knowledge about the necessity of sovereignty, but God forbid, these calamities will take their place.

The expert on religious issues continued: If we want to reduce these calamities, we must look at their philosophy. The philosophy of these disasters is nothing but to make people realize that it is not possible to manage the world with these corrupt people.

“The recent incident may be a biological battle against humanity and resistance against arrogance,” Panahian said. “The system of domination may have come to the conclusion that the only way to govern the world is to infect the people of the world with deadly viruses.” He has no hands. If this situation is exposed, people will realize that this disease is man-made and oppressors who want to continue their rule. This is where “the enemy becomes the cause of good if God wills” applies.

He said that in such circumstances we should pay attention to Hazrat Hojjat, he said: this attention may be provided in an environment with a prayer and in many places this goal can be achieved by educating and guiding people to think.

According to the narrations, the life of the seditions of the apocalypse is short

The seminary professor referred to the good news in the verses and narrations about the events of the apocalypse and said: “We see in the narrations that the life of the seditions of the apocalypse is short and it soon exposes the seditionists.” There is even a narration about the deaths and deaths of the apocalypse from Imam al-Sadiq (as) that when he mentions the number of people killed in the apocalypse, they ask the Imam who then remains? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Do you, the believers and the waiting ones, not want to be among the survivors? In fact, God specifically protects the waiters and those who resist the events of the apocalypse.

Until the holy month of Ramadan, let’s get ready for ourselves

Panahian called the best news about the recent illness the statement of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution that the Iranian nation will survive the recent incident safely and said: “When we look at the disasters of the apocalypse, we must move towards knowledge about the necessity of sovereignty, God Almighty ; Therefore, from now until the holy month of Ramadan, which is 40 days left, let each of us have a fortune for ourselves and worship for forty days.

The expert on educational issues stated that in these 40 days, we should pay attention to our lifestyle and make changes in it, and clarified: By making these changes, we should be able to prepare for the holy month of Ramadan, in which God Almighty announces the good news of reappearance. Takes care of the believers.


What did Ayatollah Behjat consider the best dhikr?

Panahian continued: “Let’s start with the same anxiety that has been created in the society and do not leave the prayer of the covenant every morning until the holy month of Ramadan.” At dawn, at the qunoot of the night prayer, let us recite the Faraj prayer ordered by the elders. Let’s wake each other up and say the Faraj prayer. Now that we are deprived of spiritual gatherings, millions of people should make a covenant and pay attention to the Imam, the Guardian of the Age (pbuh) so that this calamity can be eliminated. Let us all make a commitment and pay attention to Hazrat Vali-e-Asr in the state of emergency for forty mornings. The saints of God will surely see our urgency.

He considered the best dhikr, quoting Ayatollah Behjat, to observe piety, and noted: A group came to him and asked for dhikr, which he said was the highest dhikr, intending that if God, one hundred years of life You did not sin against God once, intentionally, intentionally or voluntarily. Ayatollah Behjat gives the good news that this is the highest practical mention. If we all have this dhikr, by the grace of God, we are from heaven; Of course, if our remembrance lasts.

Panahian continued: If we decide and can say, “God! “We will not sin intentionally anymore.” God himself is gracious and creates “permanence.” We have forty days to go to piety in these calamities. According to the narrations, in piety, there is the removal of great calamities from the head of the individual and society.

“In order to overcome these calamities, first of all, let us pay attention to the holy site of Imam al-Zaman (as) and find the knowledge that the world exists without existence, but God is not well governed. “Then, from paying attention to the Imam, the Guardian of the Age, let us come to pay attention to ourselves and practice piety.”


It is very important to pay attention to “consolation”

The seminary professor stated that in observing piety, one should pay much attention to the issue of “consolation”: One of the characteristics of the Mahdavi society that we should be prepared for is that the believers are very kind to each other. So that we can forgive each other these days and be kind to each other and treat each other more humbly. From now on, let us have the same situations mentioned for the holy month of Ramadan and go to welcome this month.

Panahian considered one of the aspects of piety as a change in lifestyle and said: “We should be prepared for a time when Imam Sadegh (as) said:” If the believers make a profit in business, it will be like usury “and when the companions wondered if we could bear those conditions. Will we have it or not, he said that you do not have this amount of comfort before the reappearance, but after the reappearance it will be created with the help of the Imam.


Disasters come to bring the hearts of the believers closer together

He said that calamities come to bring our hearts closer together and make us treat each other more selflessly, noting: “You see how young people, Basijis, scholars and students are behaving these days.”

The head of the seminary of Dar al-Hikma considered paying attention to the Holy Quran as one of the useful measures in his proposal and said: “When we pay attention to the Quran, we will be ready to enter the holy month of Ramadan.” After all, we will have a different Nowruz this year, so we have to change our lifestyle in this quarantine that has taken place. How good it is to use this opportunity to memorize the Qur’an.

Panahian continued: The suggestion of the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, is to “read my part a lot.” They asked which part of you is the Qur’an? The Imam said: “I am part of Surah Muhammad until the end of the Qur’an.” These four parts at the end of the Qur’an have many small chapters that are easy to memorize and we can repeat them in the prayers to establish them. In this opportunity, let’s pay more attention to the Qur’an and divide the Qur’an recitation competitions among ourselves based on the last few parts of the Qur’an.


Create a movement to pay attention to the Qur’an

He stated that with respect to the Qur’an and the month of the revelation of the Qur’an, we should create a movement and not allow a gap to be created between us and the Qur’an: The least we can do is to memorize this part of the Qur’an and keep reviewing it. do.

Panahian continued: “Apart from paying attention to the Quran, we should prepare other programs for ourselves.” Consider forty facets of thought and thought for ourselves. One of the most important mentions is the thought and study of history books, especially the history of Islam; Reading books we had never paid so much attention to.


The need for change in reading

The expert on cultural issues, stating that in this cycle, we will make a change in our reading, said: the books that are in the lives of saints, Amir al-Mu’minin and the Messenger of God and the great history of Islam, which is very useful and can penetrate religion in our souls. Be sure to read.

Panahian pointed to the deprivation of the shrines and said: “Let’s take the shrines to the houses.” The delegations can use the virtual space to take the shrines inside the houses. Many may not observe fasting at home; Set a time and through these networks, in a situation where everyone is in the corner of his house, establish a shrine and start holding prayer meetings. It is very blessed that everyone pays attention to Aba Abdullah (PBUH) in a moment and answers the lamentations in their own homes.

The religion propagandist said: “What’s wrong with having a brief meeting of the shrine in a virtual way every night?” Blessed are those who recite the pilgrimage of Ashura with a hundred curses and a hundred greetings. Disasters have befallen the Muslim Ummah, which has been resolved with the pilgrimage of Ashura.