The country’s budget will increase from 48 billion to 58 billion tomans / Rahman Golzar summoned to court / Construction of Yazd alloy steel complex with the participation of Japan and Italy

According to reports EconomyNews Repetition of mistakes is the product of ignorance, if we know the past, we may learn from it and not repeat and experience the wrong paths. One of the areas that the time machine can travel to. Economy Is, Iran’s economy In the last half century, like other areas of social life, it has faced many ups and downs.

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Similar events have taken place in Iran’s economy and different decisions have been made for it, but it seems that we are facing the same results. “In half a century with Iran’s economy” We review the important economic news of Iran and the world. This article is published under the title of half a century with the Iranian economy. During the study of the economic history of the last five decades, we may encounter important and effective events, and we also publish these news and events. Due to the 90-year history of a strong archive and a purely news-based approach, the information newspaper has been included in the reflection of the basic events of this study.

9 دی 1350; Hoveyda: The country’s budget increases from 48 billion to 58 billion tomans

The exchange aspect of banks is more than other aspects of banking, and these aspects must be eliminated and we can have a proper banking system. Basically, our banking system has not progressed as fast as other sectors, banks should lend to people’s minds and plans, not to their home collateral.

Mr. Hoveida, who attended the graduation ceremony of the Institute of Banking Sciences, said: “Here we discussed the progress of the country. For all of us in such a situation, it is very difficult to easily compare the progress of the country with the past because we are with the progress.” We are and we can not feel the progress as it is.

He added: “If we pay attention to the budget figures of the country, we will see how the budget changed and the budget figure, which was 330 billion rials in 1948, reached 480 billion rials this year (1351) and next year’s budget exceeds 500.” One billion rials will be spent, and by next Tuesday, when the budget review is in its final stages, I think the proposed budget has exceeded 580 billion rials.

Hoveyda continued: “Unfortunately, our banking system has not progressed as fast as other sectors.” The exchange aspect of banks is more than other aspects of it, and this should be eliminated.

At the end of his address to the students of the Institute of Banking Sciences, Hida said: “You are travelers of the third millennium and in 2000 you will be in the position of the same heads of banks and the position of the Prime Minister.”

9 دی 1360; Summoning Rahman Golzar to court

The Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office based in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development issued a statement yesterday: Because the case of Tehran Renovation and Civil Engineering Company in Ekbatan is in the final stages of investigation. Hereby, the former managers of the company, Mr. Rahman Golzar Shabestari, Hossein Daneshvar and Mohammad Ali Bagherzadeh, are warned to introduce themselves to the representative of the Revolutionary Prosecutor General in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development within 10 days after the announcement. Obviously, legal decisions will be made after the expiration of the deadline.

Ahmad Tavakoli: We can build a maximum of 300,000 housing units

Ahmad Tavakoli, the government spokesman on the housing problem, said: “The total capacity of the country to build housing is a maximum of 300,000 units per year.” It means that we are the sum of dump trucks, loaders, spoons, forks, buildings and workers that we can consider for this work and gather all the facilities of the country, both technically and in terms of the strength of making cement and importing cement, making iron and Importing iron to collect, at most in the best and most prosperous time of the country’s economy, in the past, we could build housing for 300 thousand tomans per unit.

He added: “People should know that the government is doing its best, but they should not expect a year or two.”

9 دی 1370; Iran and France resolved their financial disputes

At the end of the second round of talks, Mr. François Wasser, Secretary General of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Mahmoud Vaezi, Deputy Foreign Minister for Europe and the United States, signed a memorandum of understanding to resolve financial disputes between the Islamic Republic of Iran and France. According to the Information and News Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 12-year financial disputes between Iran and France following continuous negotiations between relevant officials in Paris and Tehran for more than 2 years finally resulted in a memorandum of understanding consisting of 16 articles and 20 annexes by the Secretary General. France and our Deputy Foreign Minister signed.

According to the memorandum, the French government will pay $ 1 billion to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the method of payment is that 48 hours after the signing of the memorandum, the French government will transfer $ 550 million to the account of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the rest (450 Million) will be paid in three installments of $ 150 million next year.

It should be noted that considering the amount of 630 million dollars that the French government has already paid in the framework of resolving financial disputes, a total of 1 billion and 630 million dollars will be paid by the French government to the Islamic Republic of Iran for final settlement of these financial disputes.

Construction of Yazd alloy steel complex with the participation of Japan and Italy

A contract was signed between Iran (National Steel Company) and a Japanese-Italian consortium for the construction of the country’s first alloy steel production complex in Tehran.

The contract is worth $ 541 million and the consortium that signed the contract has pledged to build and produce an alloy steel plant in Yazd within 40 months in cooperation with Iranian companies. In the first phase, the complex will produce 140,000 tons of alloy steel annually.

It should be noted that the world price of alloy steel is $ 3,000 per ton, which is 10 times one ton of ordinary “steel” product.

9 دی 1380; One billion euro investment of the National Bank of Paris in the Iranian oil industry

The London-based Middle East Economic Digest (Mead) weekly has published a report in its recent issue on increasing the credit allocation of the “National Bank of Paris” in cooperation with four Iranian banks to our country’s oil and petrochemical industries.

According to the report, BNP has agreed to increase its initial credit rating, which was $ 500 million, to $ 902 million (€ 1 billion). This allocated credit must be repaid by Iran within three to 10 years. This repayment is guaranteed by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance and the “French Export Credit Agency”.