The death of Mehrdad and Ali made the year 99 even more bitter / We were waiting for a suit near the New Year / Persepolis can become a champion again

Mahmoud Khordbin, in an interview with a reporter of the sports group of the Borna News Agency, said about the situation in Persepolis in 1999: Persepolis had special conditions in 1999 and had the opportunity to become champions in Asia, but in my opinion, only bad luck took this opportunity from Persepolis and prevented it, in a year when people were facing many problems and could be Let them be happy, let the Persepolisians have a great joy. Of course, the good results of Persepolis and the continuation of the championship in the Iranian league were good things that happened to this team.

Referring to the general atmosphere of the past year, he clarified: In addition to the economic problems that made things difficult for the people, this year there was the story of Corona, which affected everyone’s life in a way, and unfortunately we lost many compatriots because of this disease, which doubled the bitterness of the events of 1999. .

The former head of Persepolis continued: We lost two dear Persepolisians in 1999, which I still cannot believe. Mehrdad Minavand and Ali Ansarian were two good and lovable players who are unfortunately no longer with us and the Persepolisians are still mourning him. This shock will really be with us now.

Then we had a short-sighted avoidance of his past Nowruz, in which he said in response to this issue: Childhood holidays are usually unforgettable for everyone. When I was a kid and we were at the end of the year, we had a double passion to buy new clothes. We were counting down the days and waiting for our Eid suit.

Recalling the sweet memory of his childhood, Khordbin said on Nowruz: I got the best Eid of my life from my father. May God have mercy on him, he always had new banknotes from the Quran, and every year, immediately after the delivery of the year, he gave us those banknotes as Eid.

He expressed an interesting memory about the Eid memories of his football era and said: We have not been with our family for many years because of the camps in Persepolis and the national team. I also remember for a year that we were away from our family on Eid and we were traveling with Persepolis. That year, during Eid, we made back-to-back trips to Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon, and on the night of the delivery year in Qatar, we got together with the Persepolis players and had a memorable Eid.

We asked this veteran of Persepolis to have a dream for the year 1400, and he said in response to this question: My first and most important wish is health for all the people of my country. This year, we lost many of our compatriots due to the corona and the earthquake, and I wish forgiveness to these loved ones and patience to the survivors. I hope that this disease that has plagued the whole world will be eradicated so that peace can return to everyone’s life. May Persepolis follow this year with another championship in Iran and Asia. 5/5