The delivery process of the normal contract of ordinary straw saffron announced the maturity of D99

According to Baaqtesad, based on the announcement issued by the Commodity Exchange, the delivery process of ordinary contracts for ordinary straw saffron with a maturity of January 1999 will take place on Saturday, January 11 of this year.

According to this announcement, all derivatives contract operators and all customers of the seller and buyer with open position, are obliged to act according to the announced process and the announced criteria to carry out the delivery process.

The announcement states that the delivery of saffron to warehouses to become a certificate of deposit is possible up to 3 working days before maturity, ie until January 7, 2010.

The basis for calculating the cash price of saffron in calculating the penalties for defaulting saffron futures contracts is the weighted average price of the final price of saffron deposit certificate transactions on the last trading day of the futures contract.