The directors and judges of the National Printing Festival were appointed

In a separate decree, the Director General of the Publishing Office appointed the Scientific Secretary and the judges of the Printing and Packaging Competition Section of the National Publishing Festival.

According to ILNA, Mehrzad Danesh appointed Mohammad Hossein Shahamatpour, an activist and designer in the field of printing and packaging, and the judge and selector of the previous editions of the printing festival, as the secretary of the printing and packaging competitions of the twentieth edition of the printing festival.

Mehrzad Danesh also appointed Shahin Arianfar, Hooman Akhvin, Ismail Amini, Hossein Dariani, Ali Shafiei, Ramin Lahiji, Massoud Nejat, Farshad Hoshyar and Hossein Yarahmadi as judges in other separate rulings.

In this period of the festival, printing and packaging products will be evaluated based on four topics: technical, content, design and protection of Persian language.

Earlier, Mohsen Shams was appointed as the executive director of the printing department of the festival by a decree from the director general of the publishing office.

In this period of the festival, along with the printed products competition section, the selection, introduction and honoring of top printing figures from all over the country in the fields of entrepreneurship, export, and pioneering will be done, the process of which will be announced by the National Publishing Festival Secretariat.

The first biennial of publishing will be held in two sections: “Print Mark” and “Shiraz Mark” this winter.