The discrepancy between the production and sale of cars in factories became apparent

The discrepancy between the production and sale of cars in factories became apparent

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting the world of economy, the statistics of the Parliamentary Research Center on the situation of car manufacturers show that car production has been accompanied by growth. But on the other hand, due to what is called defective parts in the production line, the sales volume of automakers is less than the production statistics. A noteworthy point is the difference between defective cars and manufactured cars, which shows that the consequences of the order price cause the car to be parked in the car manufacturers’ parking lot.

The statistical observation of the research arm of the parliament on the situation of car production in the current year, as well as the sales report of car manufacturers submitted to the stock exchange at the same time, shows the paradox of car production and sales in 1999. According to the statistics of the Research Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, car production has been growing since May this year, in a situation where the upward trend in production has not only not increased car supply but also has not had an effect on reducing market inflammation. What is clear is that with the increase in production, there is an expectation in the demand sector that the supply of cars has improved and can meet the needs of applicants, while customers did not feel much production growth this year because the market is still on a defective supply circuit. It turned to the automakers. But the question that arises is why the car produced by the automakers is stored in the parking lot of the automakers instead of being offered to the market and the customer’s hand is short of receiving the vehicle? As mentioned, with the exception of April, when production is always declining due to the Nowruz holiday, we are witnessing a month-by-month increase in production from May this year to November.

As to why production is growing in the first place, we should mention the routes discovered by automakers to circumvent sanctions, as well as the supply of imported parts. It is clear that after two years, manufacturers have found new ways to circumvent sanctions, improve the supply of parts from abroad and, while reducing the rate of decline, are also on the path to growth. But forcing parts to internalize to make up for deficits on production lines was another way to grow production.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Silence has held several domestically made tables since last year, during which some foreign parts are said to have been produced domestically. With the internalization of these parts, less dependence on the outside and, consequently, better production conditions. But the third step in improving the car production process was to provide facilities to carmakers. With the approval of the Monetary and Credit Council, about one thousand billion tomans of facilities were paid to automakers in the last days of 1998, and it is said that most of this amount was allocated to automakers and their overdue claims. By granting these facilities and financially charging the parts manufacturers, the production process and supply of internal parts also accelerated and helped the car production to grow faster.

Therefore, according to the conditions provided, we finally saw the growth of car production in 1999, while the market was deprived of the taste of this event and did not feel pleasant about the upward trend in production this year. Since the beginning of 1999, the market has been facing an unbelievable increase in prices and books, and traders and speculators have been the main market makers. Automakers, on the other hand, relied on lottery sales to inject a number of cars into the market each month. According to the country’s industrial officials, the same number of cars offered by car manufacturers were sold at astronomical prices on car buying and selling sites, and the real customer had little access to them.

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