The efforts of the nurses in the days of Corona are reminiscent of the bravery of the eight years of sacred defense

According to the correspondent of Borna News Agency, Ali Beigzadeh said in the ceremony of honoring the exemplary nurses of Esfarayen country and city: With coronary heart disease, they have painted an unparalleled picture of self-sacrifice.

Emphasizing the high position of nurses, Beigzadeh added: “The selfless presence of nurses and medical staff at all times, especially the fight against Covid 19 and their tireless efforts for health and the return of patients to the arms of the family, is another golden leaf to make the nursing community proud. And the country’s medicine added, and these efforts will never be erased from the memory of grateful people.

The Deputy Governor for Management and Resources Development praised the efforts of nurses and pointed out the difficulties and limitations for caring for patients in cases of coronary heart disease, said: “Nurses’ efforts have an effective role in ensuring community health, although possible Their own health is also endangered, but by following the example of patience, they have taken all the risks and are trying to ensure the health of their patients in the field of fighting the disease.