The electronic version is running in 80% of offices

Mohammad Mehdi Nasehi said about the latest practical measures of the Health Insurance Organization to implement the prescription and electronic prescription plan: According to the latest reports, the electronic prescription program is located in 31 provinces, 409 cities and 24,688 centers including offices, pharmacies and independent paraclinics. Has been.

He continued: out of a total of about 28,000 independent outpatient centers, more than 80% of offices, 83% of clinics with 8,306 cases, 90% of laboratories with 1,896 cases, 92% of imaging centers with 1,509 cases Case and 97% of nuclear medicine centers with 92 cases and in general about 90% of private outpatient centers have been activated in the electronic prescription program.

Factors influencing the growth rate of electronic version application deployment

The CEO of the Health Insurance Organization said: “One of the effective factors in the growth rate of the electronic prescription program is the implementation of the electronic eligibility plan from May and the progress of connecting the software of pharmacies and paraclinical centers to the web services of the electronic prescription system.” The establishment of the project in Fars and Mazandaran provinces has been accompanied by less progress due to the lack of referral laws.

Nasehi stated: the establishment of an electronic version in the public sector and the removal of paper booklets is on the agenda. Also, the full implementation of the electronic version and the removal of paper booklets is foreseen by September 1400.

Expansion of electronic version in outpatient centers

He said: “Other outpatient centers, including clinics, physiotherapy, dentists in some provinces have implemented the electronic prescription plan and are expanding.” Due to the fact that the architecture of the electronic version is service-based, online handling services and the electronic version can be implemented in the software of offices and centers.

Obtain electronic version software certification from health insurance

Nasehi also said about obtaining the electronic version software certificate from the Health Insurance Organization: so far, more than 30 software companies have obtained the laboratory certificate of the Health Insurance Organization and send electronic copies through their software. However, the panel of the Health Insurance Organization is also providing services to institutions that do not have software. If you do not have access to a computer, centers can use the electronic version of the application. However, there are facilities for providing the necessary hardware.

Extending the program in the country’s hospitals

A member of the board of directors of the Health Insurance Organization stated: This plan has also been implemented in some hospitals and is being extended to other hospitals in the country. Deploying the program in hospitals requires meeting its prerequisites, including cross-sectoral coordination and links to electronic thank-you systems that are running.

Coordination of captive organizations

Nasehi said: the coordination council of insurance organizations and the medical system organization has been formed at the headquarters level. This council will be formed at the provincial level with the aim of solving the challenges of establishing the electronic version, unifying the coding and rules. Creating a single gateway to provide electronic services between organizations is on the agenda and the main steps have been taken.

Marking patients and facilitating service delivery

He stated: The sign management plan that provides the possibility of marking patients, management and facilitating the receipt of services for the insured in the case of special patients with the mark of special patients, zoldronic acid with the mark of cancer, albumin, insulin and infertility with the mark Raising the ceiling, biologic drugs with 13 different markings have been implemented according to the relevant clinical guidelines.

The director of the Health Insurance Organization added: “Marking patients with diabetes, hepatitis, mental patients, some genetic diseases, including thalassemia minor, as well as the implementation of clinical guidelines such as osteoporosis, iron-depleting drugs are on the agenda.”

Perform electronic referrals

Nasehi said: Electronic referral in the fund of other strata and referral system one in Kurdistan province has been established as a pilot. Also, the necessary coordination is underway for the electronic referral pilot in the public insurance fund in four provinces.

He added: the program is being monitored, followed up and the required reforms are being carried out continuously. These measures include improving the usability of the program, reviewing the rules of online handling, following up on the issue of supplementary insurance, tracking access to relevant services.

Pay electronic version claims before the tenth of each month

Nasehi said: “Currently, the claims for the produced electronic copies will be paid before the tenth of each month.” Other incentives based on the number of registered electronic copies will also be announced to the higher authorities and will be implemented soon.

He said: “Overall, the progress of the program in the private sector has been reasonable, but in the public sector, more coordination is needed. Of course, the outbreak of the Corona virus and the closure of some offices slowed progress.

Source: IRNA