The farewell and introduction ceremony of the Qeshm police commander was held

Farewell and introduction ceremony of Qeshm police commander with the presence of Hamid Reza Momeni, chairman and CEO of Qeshm Free Zone Organization, Shiite and Sunni Friday Imams of Qeshm, Deputy Police Commander of Hormozgan province, Qeshm governor, a number of officials of Qeshm Free Zone Organization and city And some military and law enforcement commanders of the province and the city were held at the headquarters of the police command of Qeshm city.

According to the economic observation report and quoted by “Faraznews”, Colonel Mehrdad Mashooq, the deputy police chief of Hormozgan province, pointed out that the enemy seeks to show insecurity, despair and inefficient rule. The enemy called and said: the round-the-clock activities of our colleagues in the Qeshm police command and their very good interaction with the people and officials of the island are commendable.

He called the agents of the Islamic system in the government, army, IRGC, police and all forces as Mujahideen for the sake of God and added: “Accordingly, we expect the colleagues of the police in any category who are serving as a showcase of the Islamic system, honesty , To put purity and self-sacrifice in the true sense of the word at the forefront of their activities, because every action of theirs is written at the foot of the system. Appreciating the 33-year service and efforts of Colonel Hossein Elahi, the former police chief of Qeshm, who has retired in honor of his retirement, Col. Mashooq called for his valuable experience and wished success to the new police commander of the city.

According to this report, Alireza Nasri, the governor of Qeshm city, called Qeshm Island security exemplary in this ceremony and praised the police command of this city as one of the pillars of providing this security, praise and success of the police forces in carrying out their assigned missions in The island owes much to their day-to-day efforts and use of their up-to-date and efficient facilities. He also appreciated the services of Colonel Hossein Elahi, former commander of Qeshm police force, appreciated his interactions with the city supply council and praised his performance during his service in Qeshm city, calling one of his personality traits popular. It is worth mentioning that in this ceremony, the sentence of Colonel Mojtaba Rast Khalil as the head of Qeshm police command, which was issued by the second brigadier general Gholamreza Jafari, the police commander of Hormozgan province, was read.