The fastest rocket in the world that reaches anywhere in the United States + photos and videos

According to Sputnik, Vladimir Putin said at his annual press conference on Thursday that US missile defense could not be an obstacle to new Russian missiles, especially the “avant-garde” system. The warhead that is locked on Russian missiles and due to its unparalleled speed (Mach 20) no defense can catch it. According to Russian experts, the speed of this system can reach Mach 27.

Avant-garde can also be used on heavy ballistic missiles such as the UR-100UTTKh, R-36M2 and RS-28 Sarmat. This warhead is usually attached to the UR-100N missile (also known as RS18) and can detach from the missile after a distance and continue its course, and can travel its course a few kilometers above the atmosphere and aim at its target. Without missile defense systems being able to intercept it. Russian missile units are currently equipped with this system.

“No defensive missiles can destroy the avant-garde,” Russian military expert Viktor Morakhovsky told Sputnik. Because it travels at a high speed of several kilometers per second.

Watch the moment the rocket carrying the avant-garde system fires

He added that another missile that the United States is unable to intercept and destroy is the “intercontinental ballistic missile” (UR-100N), which can fly any distance and missile-hunting radars are unable to intercept it.

Morakhovsky then stressed that Russia had built these systems to defend itself, not to attack.

Vladimir Putin said yesterday that work on the Sarmat missile (NATO’s Satan 2) intercontinental ballistic missile, which replaces the world’s heaviest missile, the RS-20 intercontinental ballistic missile Voy Voda, is nearing completion. Takes over. Sarmat will be able to travel the distance from the North Pole to the South.

Sarmat missile (Satan 2)

The Russian president also said that the latest tests of the Tsirkon missile, which has eight times the speed of sound, are underway. He stressed that the presence of this missile in the Russian army will affect the strategic balance. This missile can also be installed on a ship.

Last week, less than two months before the expiration of the New Start agreement between Washington and Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the holding of a large-scale exercise of its strategic nuclear forces.

Russia and the United States signed a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty 10 years ago, known as the New Start Treaty. The treaty is expiring and the United States is avoiding renewing it.

In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed that the agreement be extended. In the proposal, Putin noted that the agreement should be extended unconditionally and on a one-year basis.

Earlier, the Americans had set preconditions for the extension of the treaty, which was opposed by Moscow. These preconditions include China’s entry into the treaty as a third party and the remaining US missiles in European countries adjacent to Russia.