The female killer of an employee was arrested in Gilan after 3 months of escape

The criminal man who, with the help of his wife, killed a female social security employee in Siahkal and stole her gold and mobile phone, was arrested after fleeing for three months.

According to Hamshahri Online, on the first afternoon of October this year, a 33-year-old social security employee from Siahkal named Elham Serlati boarded a service at his workplace to go home. Like every day in Langrud Governorate Square, he got off the bus to travel the rest of the way to his house in Amlash in his passenger car, but that day after he got into a Pride car, no one saw him.

When the woman disappeared, her family, who were looking for her, posted a photo of her on social media, and at the same time, police officers began an investigation to find her, until a few days later, her body was found in the forests of 2000 Mazandaran.

Evidence indicated that he had been strangled and that his property had been stolen. The perpetrators of this crime had stolen about 50 million tomans of gold that the young woman always had with her along with her mobile phone.

Investigations were launched to identify and arrest the killers. Investigations indicated that the victim had last ridden in a Pride car to go home. It was alleged that Pride passengers killed him and stole his property.

During specialized investigations, detectives found clues to the car in which the victim was last riding. The clues reached the detectives to a young woman, and when she was arrested, the secrets of the murder of the young social security employee were also revealed.

The young woman said: “On the day of the accident, I was riding in the car with my concubine husband and we were walking in the streets when we saw a woman waiting for a taxi in Langarud Square.” We were tempted to see his patterns. We decided to steal. He was going to go to Amlash. Seeing me in the car, he was relieved that he was the driver of the passenger.

After getting on, my husband started moving. On the way he entered a side road. The young woman protested but we started threatening her. We wanted to steal his gold, but he resisted. Finally, my husband tied his hands and feet and killed him. After stealing his gold, we left his body in the forests of two thousand.

The woman’s confession revealed the secret of the young woman’s murder, but the main perpetrator of the crime was still unknown. Apparently aware of his wife’s arrest, he fled without a trace. During this period, officers identified the man’s hideout several times in different cities, but he constantly changed his hiding place in order not to be arrested, until finally, clues were obtained from his last hiding place in Gilavand area near Damavand city.

Yesterday, Tonekabon police operations teams went to the area and arrested the killer by hiding him. The man is being investigated after the man was transferred to the Tonekabon Awareness Police.

Source: Hamshahri