The female singer set fire to her billionaire wedding dress!

Singer The Hollywood celebrity, who was getting ready for the wedding, set fire to her wedding dress after her fiancé broke up !! According to Iran Naz, this Singer Famous while ordering and receiving her expensive wedding dress and everything was ready for her wedding, she was surprised by her fiancé’s disruption and expressed her anger by setting fire to her wedding dress in a new video clip, Mariah Carey Singer The famous American has made headlines with the release of a controversial video, in which he burns his $ 250,000 wedding dress!

Mariah Carey divorced her fiancé James Parker when their marriage was being arranged. Mariah Carey ordered her wedding dress and it was ready for their wedding day, but everything changed. This kind of Mariah Carey behavior was seen as sending a clear message to the Australian billionaire. Rumor has it that the two’s engagement was marred by the scandal and the staggering costs Mariah Carey incurred for her fiancé.

People close to Parker believe that the reason for the couple’s separation was the high expenses that Maria put on Parker for the TV show (Mariah’s World). Maria loves to show her whole life to the people of the world. This upset Parker.

Source: Cute Iran