The first human injection of Iranian corona vaccine + photo

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, Saeed Namaki on the sidelines of the beginning of the human test of Iranian corona vaccine, said: “Today is a very promising day for the Iranian nation and it is a day that after many years of efforts and pursuit of prominent colleagues and scientists in the field of technology and biotech drugs , Produced the Covid-19 vaccine after going through various stages, including animal studies and models, etc., and fortunately we were able to make the first injection in humans.

He added: “This person who was first vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine was none other than the daughter of Dr. Mokhber, the head of the executive staff of Imam Khomeini’s order.” It was a message to the Iranian nation that what we are going to inject into the Iranian nation, we believe and accept, and if there is a complication, we and our families will buy it for the first time with all our hearts and souls. We do not consider the blood of any of us more red than the blood of the Iranian nation, and we do not consider the lives of our family members dearer than the poorest and hardest working person in the most deprived parts of this blind place.

He continued: “This action started by relying on national strength and pride.”

Is being completed ….