The first livelihood subsidy of the new year has been announced + Click to download

According to the Khabar-e-Azad website, in the first month of the new year, the government must deposit two living subsidies, gasoline and cash, to the account of the head of the household.

Gasoline livelihood subsidy

The first subsidy in the New Year is the gasoline subsidy, which will be paid on Tuesday, April 1st.

As in previous periods, single-person households receive 55,000 Tomans, two-person households 103,000 Tomans, three-person households 138,000 Tomans, four-person households 172,000 Tomans, and five-person households and more receive 205,000 Tomans.

Seven million households received the second stage of the one million toman loan, the installments of which will be deducted from the subsistence subsidy.

Subsidy recipients who have taken out this loan will receive the April gasoline subsistence subsidy with a deduction of the fourth installment.

Livelihood subsidy / cash subsidy deposit

The one hundred and second phase of the cash subsidy phase related to March of this year, 45,500 Tomans per person, along with the increase in the minimum pension of the clients’ families under the support of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization, will be paid on Friday, April 10 It becomes.

Since the first stage of the one million toman krona loan was deposited in the accounts of 21 million households with the support of cash subsidies and the installments of these cash subsidy loans are deducted, the tenth installment of this loan will be deducted from the cash subsidy in April.

Yesterday, during the review of next year’s budget bill, the parliament approved that the Ministry of Oil and Interior should pay a subsidy for the purchase of liquefied gas every month by the Program and Budget Organization.

What is the livelihood subsidy for gas?

According to the decree, each household living in an area without natural gas piping will receive an average subsidy of 33 kg of liquefied natural gas per month.

However, this subsidy varies according to the number of household members, hot and cold seasons of the year and their permanent residence in cold and tropical regions.

Also, to calculate this subsidy, a quota equivalent to the price of half a liter of gasoline has been considered for each kilogram of liquefied gas.

Half a liter of gasoline is a quota of 750 tomans, which should be multiplied by 33 kilograms of liquefied natural gas (average subsidy allocated to each household). Although the amount of this subsidy has not been announced yet, but it seems that this subsidy is 24,750 tomans.

Livelihood subsidy / Who are the gas subsidy recipients?

This subsidy is paid only to households living in areas without natural gas piping.

This subsidy is paid to the account of the head of the household and can only be used to buy liquefied natural gas.

Mohammad Baqer Nobakht told reporters this morning on the sidelines of the 15th National Conference of Chiefs and Managers of Rahvar Police at the Police Headquarters that the budget was prepared almost by a relative agreement between the government and parliament: “Things like in previous years from the perspective of the esteemed council.” The Guardian or the Constitution had an objection or contradiction with the Holy Shari’a, it was announced, and we expect that by the end of the week, the Honorable Assembly will have the opportunity to resolve the objections of the Honorable Guardian Council.

The head of the Program and Budget Organization added: “It seems that with the amendments that will be made to provide the Guardian Council with the parliament’s approvals in the budget, we will be able to have the budget as a law by the end of the week.” Provide executive and financial regulations so that the budget is notified to all agencies for implementation after the Nowruz holiday.

He added: “Apart from the budget, there were various provisions, one of which is related to those who are eligible to receive subsidies, but did not use them for any reason, with the same mechanism specified by law and its implementation regulations in Note 14.” Maybe, God willing, we will be able to add the survivors to the group of subsidy recipients. Two subsidies are paid on specific days of the month (tenth and twentieth subsistence subsidies of current subsidies)

“Fortunately, the statistics show that the traffic police have succeeded in saving the lives of the people,” Nobakht said. “Fortunately, the number of people killed in traffic accidents has been reduced by special measures taken by the traffic police. The PBO assumes on its behalf that” Provide the police with as much as possible to maintain a reduction in the number of deaths due to accidents and to provide adequate ongoing support to these hard-working forces.

The head of the Program and Budget Organization, in response to the question whether the income from coronary crimes will be allocated to the traffic police, clarified: “We see what is rewarding for the traffic police without any connection to the fines and we try to respond to our efforts.” And apply the services of loved ones.

Details of the last livelihood subsidy deposit 99

With this payment, the cash subsidy payment case was closed in 1999, and only one other subsidy remains, called the Corona subsidy.

After paying the cash subsidy last night, the government is obliged to pay the last stage of the corona subsidy. The previous three stages of this subsidy have been paid to 34 million people in the last days of December, January and February.

About 9 million of these subsidy recipients are among the people covered by the Relief and Welfare Committee who have received a corona subsidy of 120,000 Tomans. For 25 million people from low-income, unpaid and uninsured groups, they have received the amount of 100,000 Tomans in the last three months.

The General Directorate of Public Relations and Public Relations of the Subsidies Targeting Organization announced in a statement that the 121st stage of cash subsidies related to March of this year is 455,000 Rials per person, along with an increase in the minimum pension of client families under the auspices of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee. ) And the country’s welfare organization at 00:24 on Wednesday, March 11, will be deposited in the account of heads of households and can be withdrawn.

Also, according to the decision of the National Corona Headquarters and previous information, this month, the ninth installment of the Gharz al-Hasna 1 million Toman facility installments of the first stage of the Corona loan will be deducted from the subsidy of the heads of households who received the facility.