The first official position of the Iraqi government regarding the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Tehran

A spokesman for the Iraqi government said in connection with the recent visit of the Iraqi delegation to Tehran that the visit was to review the security situation.

According to ISNA, quoting Al-Maluma, Hassan Nazem, spokesman for the Iraqi government, said on Tuesday regarding the recent visit of the Iraqi delegation to Tehran: “The Iraqi delegation that visited Iran on behalf of the government checked the security situation.”

He stressed that regional forces have influence in Iraq and that they should reach an agreement on security issues.

According to ISNA, Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country, said in his press conference yesterday in response to a question related to the visit of a senior Iraqi government official to Tehran by the order of the Iraqi Prime Minister: Is. This visit was made at the invitation of Iran, and during this visit, the officials of the two countries, Iran and Iraq, will discuss and consult on various issues in the field of relations between the two countries and regional issues, and will review the latest developments.

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