The first webinar of the Sports Medicine Commission of the National Olympic Committee was held

According to Borna, the Medical Commission of the National Olympic Committee, according to the IOC programs based on the need to conduct sports medicine by the Medical Commission of the National Olympic Committees, based on a specially prepared calendar for the second half of 1999 and due to world conditions due to prevalence Covid virus 19 and the impossibility of holding face-to-face courses have organized specialized educational, medical and sports webinars required by the sports community with the presence of experienced professors.

In this regard, the first webinar of this commission was held the day before and with the focus on prevention and considerations of championship sports during the corona with the presence of speakers at the National Olympic Academy and the virtual presence of coaches, athletes and doctors of national teams in the form of questions and answers. This webinar was held with a speech by Dr. Laleh Hakemi, Internal Medicine Specialist, Vice President of the Sports Medicine Federation, Dr. Bahareh Tavana, Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Tohid Seif Barghi, Faculty Member of the University of Tehran, all members of the Sports Medicine Commission of the National Olympic Committee.

The National Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Commission plans to hold three more webinars in the coming months on health and medical considerations in women’s sports, doping prevention and familiarization with the new WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules and medical codes of the International Olympic Committee. Slowly