The general budget bill for 1400 was approved by the Consolidation Commission

According to Baaqtesad news website, Ali Asghar Khani, referring to the noon meeting today (Tuesday, January 29) of the Budget Consolidation Commission, stated: The review of the President’s letter on amending the budget bill and voting on the general budget for 1400 is on the agenda of today’s meeting It was a combination.

In this regard, he added: At the beginning of the meeting, the representatives of the opposition and those in favor of the budget bill of 1400 expressed their views on the generalities of the budget bill, and then Mr. Nobakht, the head of the Program and Budget Organization, also spoke about the budget. Finally, a vote was taken on its generalities.

A member of the Budget Consolidation Commission for 1400 stated: “Finally, the budget bill was approved by a majority vote of the deputies, and from the next meetings, the members of the commission will review the details of the budget bill on the agenda.”

According to Tasnim, President Hojatoleslam Hassan Rouhani today, Tuesday, January 30, 1999, in a letter to the Speaker of the Reform Assembly, informed the parliament of the 1400 budget bill by the government.

Source: Tasnim