The government should make the necessary adjustments to the budget revenue according to the leadership opinion regarding the share of the National Development Fund in the oil revenue. The reality of the revenues and not putting pressure on the people should be carefully considered.

The 122nd meeting of the government’s Economic Coordination Headquarters was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the President.

According to ILNA, in this meeting, the report of the head of the Program and Budget Organization on the negotiations over the 1400 budget bill was presented and discussed in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

The President stressed: “According to the opinion of the Supreme Leader regarding the share of the National Development Fund in oil revenues, the government will make the necessary amendments to the proposed budget revenues and at the same time will apply maximum cost savings.”

Rouhani said: “The government’s approach to new sources of revenue in the budget that do not have inflationary effects on the country’s economy, is positive, but the two criteria of real incomes and not imposing pressure on the people must be carefully considered.”