The guilds will be closed on the 29th and 30th of Azar from 6 pm / Ban on car traffic from 8 pm

According to Shaman News: President Hojjatoleslam Hassan Rouhani today (Thursday, December 18) at the meeting of the heads of the committees of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, referring to the reports presented at the meeting about the first place of corona contagion in family and family gatherings, health and information committees The Information and Operation Headquarters of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters called for the provision of necessary information and care regarding occasions such as Yalda night and the days of mourning of Sadiqah Kobra (PBUH) and the decades of Fatimids.

The President also followed the reports of the Health Committee and the headquarters of the comprehensive plan to deal with the corona and change the status of many cities from red to orange or from orange to yellow, as well as the imposition of crimes and the extent of business compliance with the instructions. He instructed the propaganda and health committees and the operations base to discuss informing and informing the public about the need to follow the instructions with the same seriousness and determination as during the peak period of Corona.

Hojjatoleslam Rouhani added: “In this meeting, it was decided that the health committee will continue to develop the screening and intelligent control plan with special attention, and the operational headquarters will continue to monitor the implementation of restrictions and conditions in cities following the application of these restrictions and entering different conditions.” Active.

In this meeting, based on the proposal of the operational headquarters of the National Headquarters against Corona and the investigations carried out, in order to prevent the comings and goings and gatherings of Yalda night, it was decided that on Saturday and Sunday, December 20 and 20, the guilds will be closed from 6 pm. For two days, from 8 pm.

A meeting of the chairmen of the specialized committees of the National Corona Headquarters was held

The head of the health committee of the National Corona Headquarters presented a report on the measures taken to make the corona vaccine inside and supply it from abroad.

After presenting this report, the President, while expressing satisfaction with the measures taken to make the domestic vaccine, issued the necessary instructions to expedite the executive processes of financing the purchase of the vaccine from abroad and providing the necessary funds for it, and asked the agencies involved to The sooner they take the necessary measures in coordination with each other.

Also, according to the request of the National Education Evaluation Organization regarding the possibility of holding an employment test for executive bodies and examinations of the Health and Medical Committee and the operational headquarters, it was decided to use this test using the experiences of holding various entrance exams this year. It will be announced through the responsible centers.

The President stressed that the implementation of other programs related to the severance of the corona chain should continue with force and not only the creation of restrictions and bans on traffic.

Hojjatoleslam Rouhani said: “Performing numerous and purposeful tests, isolating patients, educating and informing, strengthening outpatient treatment, caring for the elderly and vulnerable are among the effective programs that should be seriously pursued.”

A meeting of the chairmen of the specialized committees of the National Corona Headquarters was held