The historical life of “Capital” is over / Production must be stopped before the series collapses

Jabbar Azin, a film and television critic, said in an interview with Borna: “Paytakht” TV series is one of the most popular and enduring TV series that was made in the context of cultural, local and national relations of our country and was able to attract the approval of different strata. Slowly

Azin pointed out: This TV series until the third season due to the variety of themes, characters, coherent structure, as well as the thematic and thematic attractiveness could become one of the most successful TV series in recent years, but from the fourth season onwards with the opening of sponsors to produce And the application of their opinions and tastes, which happened due to the injection of capital, the “Capital” collection moved away from its cultural, artistic and social themes and went to the satisfaction of managers and owners instead of pursuing and trying to obtain audience satisfaction. Capital was given priority.

The critic continued: “This situation caused the TV series” Capital “to take the path of decline and to be repeated in its story and characters, while the creators of this TV series really have the ability to produce a new and quality work.”

He added: “Apart from discussing the sponsorship of the production of this series, we should also keep in mind that the historical life of” Paytakht “has ended for a long time and its creators have been happy with the income of this series instead of launching a new plan.” While the creators of the series can use their ability to produce a better and more popular work. In my opinion, “Capital” no longer has the capacity for newer themes in this form.

Azin further emphasized with his remarks: TV directors emphasize themes such as Iranian-Islamic lifestyle and this series unfortunately this distance from the theme and due to changes in the production team due to the removal or cancellation of the production agents of this series in The early chapters were accompanied by an unknown fate for the “capital”, which caused this popular series to reach the end of the line from a historical point of view and not have a new subject or word.

The critic concluded: “Before the enduring and popular collection of” Capital “is destroyed, it is better to continue the production of” Capital “while maintaining the respect of the audience and protecting costs and budgets, and its agents should think of producing a new work.” Because this series definitely showed that television, if it wants to, can create works that the people of our country can rely on, relying on its capable and experienced forces, and there is no need to copy foreign productions, and there are good domestic ideas suitable for our culture that should Pay attention to them.