The human test of “Razi Koo Pars” vaccine will end in the first half of April

According to the Baaqtesad news website, the main researcher of the Razi vaccine clinical trial stated: So far, more than 80 volunteers have received the first stage of the human test of the Iranian corona vaccine called “Razi Koo Pars”.

Saeed Kalantari, an infectious disease specialist, pointed out that the number of volunteers in the first stage of the human test was 133 and added: “Of this number, more than 80 people will receive the vaccine and the rest will receive the vaccine in the coming days.”

He continued: 13 volunteers had received their vaccines as pioneers and 120 volunteers were divided into four groups of 30 people who got some of their vaccines and the rest will be injected in the next few days.

The sheriff stated that the physical condition of the volunteers who received the vaccine was good: “There are no special complications for them.”

In response to the question when the injection of this stage will end, he stated: it seems that in mid-April 1400, the injection of this stage of human vaccine testing will end.

The main researcher of the clinical trial of the Razi vaccine stated: In most days of Eid, the injection is continued to the volunteers so that this work will be completed as soon as possible.

Razi Vaccine Clinical Trial Koopars Razi Institute, which is the first injectable-inhaled vaccine of recombinant Corona protein, injected the first phase of human test to 2 male volunteers on Sunday (March 4) in the presence of Kazem Khavazi, Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, Jalil Kuhpayehzadeh, President of Iran University of Medical Sciences And a group of officials and researchers started in the hospital of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in Tehran.

The injection of Razi Koopars vaccine is the second Iranian corona vaccine that was performed on the volunteers of this study project on March 31.

Kopars Razi vaccine is the first injectable-inhaled vaccine of recombinant corona protein, which was produced by Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in accordance with the instructions of the World Health Organization and was unveiled on Monday (February 11) at the same institute based in Karaj.

Razi Institute started making vaccines in March 2009 and used the recombinant protein vaccine method, which is one of the safest vaccines, to produce it.

The institute completed the design of this vaccine between March 1998 and the end of April 1999. Dosage and formulation was performed in May, and from June 1999, the vaccine was tested on 500 animals.

Kupars Razi vaccine is administered by the Ministry of Health and with the expert work of the Food and Drug Administration. With the approval of the National Ethics Committee, the human test of this vaccine was started on 13 people in Rasoul Akram Hospital in Tehran.