The Ichimoku-style technical analysis course is held

Kharazmi University Scientific Management Association conducts Ichimoku-style technical analysis course.

According to the ISNA Student Club, Ichimoku is one of the technical analysis trading systems that aims to provide the fastest analysis at a glance with high confidence.

The word “ichimoku” consists of two parts, “h” meaning one and “moko” meaning to comment or look, and the word ichimoko meaning to comment or so-called in the blink of an eye, is designed so that the trader can see the status of the process Recognize, in the short and long term, its power, market equilibrium, and share support and resistance at a glance, and make decisions based on that.

Ichimoku trading system has more graphic and color space than other trading systems to be able to better perform its mission of analysis at a glance.

Another advantage of this Ichimoku trading system is its high reliability and lower risk compared to other analytical systems. Ichimoku is originally a Japanese name first coined by a Japanese journalist in the 1930s and has since been listed on the stock exchange.

“Ichimoku Components”, “Ichimoku Trading Method”, “Ichimoku Study in Charts”, “Ichimoku Time Elements” and “Ichimoku Trading Strategies” are some of the topics taught in this course.

This course is taught by Shakur Alishahi, a capital market analyst, for two weeks from January 10, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 to 6 pm.

Those interested can register and get more information at Telegram: @Finance_khuadmin.

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