The increase in the price of detergent products was confirmed in November

According to the Baaqtesad news website, “Bakhtiar Alambeigi” ‌ added in this statement: While in the last months of 1998 and the beginning of 1399, many consumer items in the country faced different price increases, but due to the problems of the people, especially in Fighting coronary heart disease, despite the increase in the price of currency and raw materials supplied by petrochemicals, etc., this class did not impose any price increase on its products.

“The prices of these products have also increased this year for many reasons, but the pricing of detergents, hygiene and cosmetics is not mandatory, but is determined by the production unit within the pricing criteria of the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization and registered in the 124 system,” he said in a statement.

Alambeigi noted in the statement: “Due to the significant increase in production costs, this association submitted a request to increase the price of its products to the support organization, and after comprehensive expertise by that organization, increase prices by 20 to 25 percent in June and 30 to 40 percent were approved in November.

Explaining the reasons for the increase in the price of imported raw materials, he said: “The non-allocation of currency to the detergent industry for four months caused many producers to buy raw materials in free currency to avoid stopping production lines and creating shortages in consumption.” Or clear the raw materials at customs by “no obligation” to you, as a result of which the raw materials have risen in price significantly.

The official noted that the official exchange rate of the euro in the Nima system has doubled in the last 6 months and the grouping of raw materials required by the detergent industry has been changed from 1-2 to groups 2-2 and 2-3 (which means that the industry is deprived of The half currency is cheap petrochemicals), is one of the reasons.

He explained in the statement: “In recent months, the harsh sanctions that have caused the central bank not to follow a specific exchange rate policy, which has confused producers in buying raw materials and has extended the time for ordering and supplying imported raw materials to eight months.”

Alambeigi added: ‌ The risk of transferring money in many cases due to sanctions has led to the return or fuel of money and as a result, the purchase order has been canceled after months.

In this statement, he pointed to the increase in the price of domestic raw materials on the stock exchange and said: “The increase in the price of LAB, which is a petrochemical subsidiary and follows the mechanism of 95% of the world price in Nima currency, has grown 85% in the first nine months of this year.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Detergent Industries Association added: Polymeric raw materials such as polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP), which according to the policy of the Ministry of Petroleum and downstream petrochemical industry based on 95% of world prices and rates The petrochemical half currency is calculated, announced on a weekly basis in the commodity exchange and is always increasing.

“In addition, the weekly price increase, the decrease in supply and, consequently, the competition between buyers, must be added to this problem, and as a result, the cost of packaging equipment will increase sharply,” he said.

Alam-e-Beigi reminded of the monopoly production of ethoxylated fatty alcohol in Shazand Petrochemical Complex and said that the insufficient production and supply of this product by that petrochemical caused the imbalance of this substance for the production of detergent and hygiene products.

He also raised the price of non-exchange domestic raw materials and the effects of general inflation and explained: The general increase in the price of domestic raw materials due to inflation and the effects of oppressive sanctions is such that even in the case of other mineral compounds this increase is more than 20% Is.

The union official adds: “For example, the price of each square meter of kraft detergent carton has increased by almost 90% since June.”

At the same time, he reminded: Due to the stock of goods in the distribution and supply network, the latest increase in the price of detergents and sanitary products in some cases with a delay of one to two months in the market and this issue is sometimes confused with rising prices again. .

“Abbas Ghobadi”, the head of the market regulation headquarters, added yesterday on the sidelines of the meeting of the market regulation headquarters: “Manufacturers of detergents will not be allowed any price increase, and if they see an increase in prices, the necessary legal and punitive measures will be taken.”

From the beginning of this year to the end of November, the production of detergent powder increased by 1.9 percent to 422,800 tons.

The annual consumption of cosmetics, health and detergents in the country is about 20,000 billion tomans.

The capacity of domestic producers is several times the consumption, however, more than 2 billion dollars (about seven thousand billion tomans) of cosmetics are smuggled into the country.

Source: IRNA