The incredible health benefits of quail and its derivatives

Quail meat is a healthy and nutritious food, but most people consume quail meat because of its excellent health benefits.

Quail meat is a valuable and healthy food that acts like a powerful bomb to absorb vitamins. The quail is the smallest bird in the pheasant family. The more active the quail’s muscles are during its lifetime, the tastier its meat will be. Quails are small and full-bodied and feed on insects and other small, ordinary creatures.

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Poultry meat is known to be an important source of protein. Many investments are made annually on the poultry industry, including quail in different countries. Quail meat has 5 to 10 percent more protein than other birds and ruminants. For this reason, in most parts of the world, specialists prescribe the consumption of quail meat for the elderly and disabled people who urgently need to repair the lost cells of their tissues.

Quail meat is a good source of niacin, phosphorus, calcium, copper, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, zinc, iron and selenium for diseases such as asthma, seizures, high blood pressure, weakness of the nerves or in some cases mental disorders as well as Sleep is very useful.

Quail meat

Quail meat composition in 100 g:

Water 62/65%

Fat 3/2%
26% protein
Mineral material 3.6%
Energy (kcal / 100 g 80)

Strengthen and strengthen bones

Phosphorus and calcium in quail meat have many benefits for bone health. Therefore, quail meat can be used to prevent bone problems such as osteoporosis. Because the lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body, plays an effective role in the formation of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D in quail meat promotes proper bone growth and strengthens the body’s nervous system. Vitamin K in this meat strengthens bones and blood clots.

Heart health care

The protein in quail meat is very effective in stabilizing the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. The same experts recommend that you use quail meat to take care of heart health. Of course, to enjoy the heart benefits of quail meat, you should not prepare this meat with saturated oils.

Properties of quail meat

Repair of body tissues

Repairing damaged tissues in the body is another benefit of quail meat. The protein in quail meat can help regenerate some tissues and cells in nails, hair and skin, as well as increase the production of hormones and enzymes in the body.

Dealing with anemia

The iron in quail meat fights anemia and even anemia. They also eliminate the problem of anemia by boosting the production of hemoglobin and erythrocytes in the body.

Boosting the immune system

Strengthen the immune system by consuming quail meat regularly due to its nutrient content. Strengthening the immune system prevents the rapid onset of disease and kills bacteria and parasites that may have entered the body.

Benefits of quail meat

Fix digestive problems

If the digestive system is disturbed, the process of digestion and absorption of food will also be damaged and various problems will occur in the body system. Regular consumption of quail meat can solve many of these problems and put the digestive system in good condition. You can also use quail meat to regulate the function of your intestines and stomach.

One of the most important benefits of quail meat is its very important effect in relieving respiratory problems. Researchers say that eating quail meat can help alleviate problems such as asthma, tuberculosis and vascular dystrophy.

skin care

If you read in this section of moist health and most of the properties of quail meat, in addition to vitamin A and vitamin B, quail meat also has vitamin E. Vitamin E in quail meat Vitamin E in fruits and vegetables prevents premature aging and is also useful for skin regeneration.

Skin health

Provide energy to the body

Vitamin B2 in quail meat converts carbohydrates into sugar. These sugars are also used by the body as an energy source.

Brain health and memory improvement

Quail meat has enough B vitamins. The B vitamins in this meat include riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, and cobalamin, which are good for brain health. The choline in this meat helps the nerves of the brain work properly and improves memory.

Eye health

Quail meat and eggs have many uses for eye health. Quail egg yolk, like its meat, has a lot of protein for the health of the body, two substances, lutein and zeaxanthin in egg yolk are useful for retinal health. These materials prevent blue light from reaching the eyes and prevent injuries. The vitamin A in quail is equal to the vitamin A in carrots.

Eye health

Precautions in consuming quail meat

Despite the many benefits of quail meat, over-consumption can lead to various problems. Some of the problems associated with excessive consumption of quail meat are:

Lowering blood pressure

Damage to metabolism
Kidney problems
Kidney stone formation
Cholesterol accumulation
Prevent the absorption of nutrients

Properties of quail eggs

Quail eggs are different in quality from the eggs of other birds and have far more nutritional value. Although it weighs one-fifth the weight of a normal egg, it is 5 times more phosphorus and calcium, 4.5 times more iron, 6 times more vitamin B-1 (thiamine), 15 times more vitamin B-2 than eggs. Riboflavin) and has 6 times more vitamin B-12. It is also low in cholesterol and fat, rich in vitamin A, nicotinic acid, copper and cobalt.

The taste of quail eggs is better than eggs and due to the special creatine content in quail eggs, it is effective in treating shortness of breath (asthma). Its richness in vitamin “B” has an effect on the treatment of neurological diseases. Due to its high amino acid content, it is very effective in feeding children and patients.

Other benefits of quail eggs

1. Regulator of cardiovascular and nervous system function

2. Accumulated with energy, protein and a variety of vitamins, especially “A” and “B”

3. Effective in increasing the growth and IQ of children

4. Contains creatine to solve the problem of anemia and iron deficiency

5. No harmful cholesterol and strengthens physical and sexual strength

6. Rich in essential amino acids and minerals, especially iron, calcium and phosphorus

7. Repels carcinogens, radioactive and heavy metals from air pollution

8. Efficient before intellectual and sports activities

9. Can be used continuously in feeding all age groups without adverse effects and allergies

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Properties of quail meat

Consumption of quail meat during pregnancy

Consumption of quail meat during pregnancy depends on the condition of the pregnant woman. For this reason, we advise pregnant women to consult their doctor before consuming quail meat.

Guide to buying quail meat

When buying quail meat, pay attention to its expiration date. Fresh quail meat should be odorless, completely clean and free of any leftovers.

Wrap in plastic wrap or foil in the coldest part of the refrigerator and cook as soon as possible after purchase.

If you do not plan to cook the quail two days after purchase, it is best to freeze it.

Freezing quail meat

Never use room temperature to thaw frozen quail meat. Putting frozen meat in the refrigerator the night before is the best way to defrost.

Another way is to immerse it in cold water. To do this, place the frozen quail meat in cold water-resistant package in cold water and change the water every 30 minutes so that the water does not heat up.

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