The incredible value of justice stocks Monday 24 Azar

At the end of today’s trading on the stock market, the value of justice stocks fell by 1.9 percent, about 211 thousand tomans.

The stock market index today, Monday, December 15th, was accompanied by a drop of more than 31,000 units and value Justice shares 532 thousand Tomans reached about 10 million and 743 thousand Tomans, which decreased by more than 211 thousand Tomans compared to the previous trading day.

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The value of each unit of Daraikum was traded at 18 thousand 582 Tomans with a growth of 0.92% compared to the previous trading day, so that the value of its 200 units increased to 3 million 716 thousand Tomans. Also, the cancellation price of each fund unit (NAV cancellation) was recorded based on the net asset value of 24,642 Tomans.

Also the value of each fund unit Refining First, it decreased by 3.28 percent to 10 thousand and 75 tomans.

Source: Borna