The Iraqi parliament summoned al-Kadhimi to explain

The Iraqi parliament intends to summon the prime minister following the Iraqi government’s decision to increase the price of the dollar, which has led to market fluctuations.

According to ISNA, quoting the website of Al-Malumeh News Agency, Neda Shakir Judet, a member of the Iraqi parliament, expressed the parliament’s dissatisfaction with the performance of the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in the financial and economic field and said that more than 100 signatures were invited to invite Al-Kazemi. Iraqi Finance Minister Mohammed Allawi has gathered in parliament to explain mistakes he has made in raising the value of the dollar.

He added that most members of parliament from various factions intend to oust the al-Kazemi government. The request will be made at an extraordinary meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

The Al-Kadhim government, which has imposed severe economic austerity on the country and its people since its inception, has recently raised the price of the dollar; An action that has reduced the value of the country’s currency and caused fluctuations in the Iraqi market.

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