The last verdict of a judge was published

According to Borna, the novel “The Last Judgment of a Judge”, written by Ahmad Bashirieh, a retired judge of the Supreme Court, consists of three stories and consists of 250 pages.

In this book, the author has paid attention to some practical judicial points in general, and in a story from the book, he has written a criminal story in the form of humor.

Also, the first story of the book deals with the class differences of young people through love.

This novel is the fourth work of Ahmad Bashirieh and before this the books “Clouds of Doubt” in 1385, “Tent of Love” in 1394 and “Watching a Look” in 1396 have been released by this author.

The book The Last Judgment of a Judge is now available in reputable bookstores.

The last sentence of a judge written by Ahmad Bashirieh