The latest actions of the Revolutionary Guards against Corona

Second Brigadier General Ahmad Akhavan, referring to the actions of this deputy in the fight against Corona virus, stated: The IRGC ground forces have set up 7 field hospitals in Tehran, Qom, Kashan, Gorgan, Babol, Mahabad and Divan Darreh with a capacity of 1056. He has a hospital bed and 45 ICU beds.

The IRGC Deputy Commander of Combat Health added: The establishment of the largest and most equipped mobile hospital in the country in Tehran province with more than 500 beds and 30 ICU beds has been another measure of the IRGC Combat Forces to combat the corona virus.

Emphasizing the importance of the role of bio-management in combating the coronavirus, the Brotherhood said: “All the permanent hospitals of the IRGC were mobilized to provide services in the field of bio-defense, and mobilized nearly 1,700 hospital beds and 261 ICU beds in this field.” Has been.

Referring to the establishment of centers for the fight against acute respiratory diseases, he said: More than 7,000 people were hospitalized in IRGC hospitals for treatment.

According to Sardar Akhavan, launching 11 care centers with a capacity of 2,500 beds and upgrading the level, using 228 tactical ambulances to deal with coronary artery, using PCR test to diagnose patients and sending oxygen generating systems to areas needed to control coronary heart disease are other measures. The IRGC was on the ground to fight the Corona virus.

The IRGC Deputy Commander of Combat Health emphasized: The IRGC mobile scanning machine is also used in the hospitals of the martyrs of Yaftabad in Tehran and Imam Reza (AS) in Kermanshah.

He pointed out: “We are at the service of the dear people with all our might, including the medical staff and health and medical equipment, and we will not hesitate to provide services for a moment, and the IRGC has always been proud to rise from the hearts of the people and serve the people.”