The latest conditions for hiring teachers

The Minister of Education said: “Certainly, those who use Shad can testify that its problems are declining.”

Mohsen Haji Mirzaei on the sidelines of today’s cabinet meeting in response to the question of what is the new action of the Ministry of Education to improve the situation of the happy system? He said: “The general public is aware that Shad is a six-month-old born, and since the day it started working, we have tried to improve its situation to meet the needs of educators.”

He added: “The main problem of the Shad system at the moment is that receiving or transmitting information is problematic in some hours of the day. We distributed the class hours during the week as well as with the first company that provided the infrastructure for this work.” We have done to strengthen this infrastructure.

Hajimirzaei emphasized: “Certainly, those who use this system can testify that happy problems are going downhill.”

He also said about yesterday’s decision of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution about teachers: Yesterday, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution approved that only the entry of teachers, principals, counselors, caregivers and health care providers through “Shahid Rajaei” and “Farhangian” universities. These two universities, of course, are allowed to use the capacity of other universities under their supervision.

The Minister of Education said: “But in any case, no one can be a teacher unless he has completed a course of at least one year in these two universities.” The meeting also approved that everyone who teaches in education should have a degree of teacher competence, and how to achieve these competencies is left to the Higher Education Council and the government.

In the end, he said: “It was also approved in this meeting that the employment of teachers in each region should be based on local capacities there. Of course, there is no objection from anywhere in the country who wants to be employed in regions, but if they go to that region, they must Be busy there.

Source: ISNA