The latest cool and funny SMS and jokes

These funny writings and texts are the result of the creativity of our humorous compatriots in cyberspace such as Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. Every post has an author. Every writer has the right to see his name at the bottom of his article. The posts you read on this page are pasted copy statuses that have gone viral on social media and lost their owner.

1. Mehran Modiri remembers every guest for their Eid before their blood tells his wife and children what party we have a guest.

2. قAgham Khodabiamerz was manipulating the electricity counter in such a way that the head of the electricity department tower would pour a sum of money into Aqam’s account for his debt :))))

3. بودمI was waiting for my mentor. Yahoo came in a hurry and said, “Get this laptop, hurry up.” I said, “Now he says I have to do Milkran logistics planning for a certain project.”

4. ‌‌‌ In our house, everyone is ready to take on ISIS attacks, but do not accept that they have finished the volume of the Internet!

5. ‌‌‌Penguins are all tense suits as if they are all employees, but it seems that the sea lions put some money in the bank and spend the profits of that time!

6.‌ ‌‌ ‌‌Today I wore my Charkhoone shirt.. The people in the alley were astonished at my beauty. This is the situation every time I wear this shirt with pants and slippers!

7. ‌‌‌We were going to visit the passenger ﺕ We caught up with him اول First Baba was saying that he was not guilty ﻑ.

8. مI went to the emergency room, I saw a toilet, I knocked on the door of the bathroom, I said, “Dadash, hurry up.” …

9. جای Instead of campaigning not to buy goldfish to protect animal rights, campaign not to eat garlic before entering the subway to protect human rights. We suffocated, Baba: (((

10. ‌‌‌Why when pedestrians are pedestrians like cows jumping in the street and when pedestrians drive cars like slaughterers ?!

11. Yesterday I bought a pack of Magna cigarettes at the price of Winston, it tasted like an avalanche. Where are we going ?!

12. وس I would like to go to my father’s family and start my conversation with this sentence: From God, who is not hidden, from you unconsciously, who cannot be hidden!

13. ‌‌‌‌‌The officer stopped me and said why are you going so fast? I said that now that I am not dying fast, I will stand in front of you. He said before that you were going fast, I said the criterion of the current situation of the people. He said, “Yes, you really seem right. Now my activity is not very good.” He sent an alcohol and addiction test