The latest global corona statistics are January 1 / The number of patients exceeded 77 million

According to the latest global statistics of the “worldometer” database, 77,172,373 people in the world as of this morning Corona virus Covid 19 – Of these, 1,699,644 have lost their lives.

Of the total number of patients in the world, 54 million 89 thousand 680 people have recovered and been able to defeat this disease.

The United States, with the highest number of cases in the world, with an increase of 183,223 cases in the last 24 hours, has reached a total of 18 million 267 thousand 579 people; So far, 324,869 Americans have been infected Quid 19 They have lost their lives in this country.

India ranks second in the world after the United States, with an increase of 24,589 cases in the past 24 hours, reaching a total of 10 million 56 thousand 248 cases; In this country, 145,843 people have lost their lives due to coronary heart disease.

Brazil, as the third country in the world, has reached a total of 7 million 238 thousand 600 people with an increase of 25 thousand 445 patients in the last 24 hours; So far, 186,773 Brazilians have lost their lives due to coronary heart disease.

Russia, France, Britain, Turkey and Italy with 2 million 847 thousand 377, 2 million 473 thousand 354, 2 million 40 thousand 147, 2 million 24 thousand 601 and 1 million 953 thousand 185 people, respectively. They are ranked fourth to eighth in the world.

Spain is also ranked ninth and tenth in the world with 1,817,448 infected and Argentina with 1,541,258 infected.

In terms of the number of recovered countries, the United States, India and Brazil are in the first to third ranks with 10 million 622 thousand 82, 9 million 606 thousand 111, 6 million 245 thousand 801 recovered people, respectively.

The table below shows the latest changes in the number of patients, deaths, and coronary heart disease worldwide (over the past 1 hour):

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