The latest global statistics on the corona epidemic

The global number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 123 million 868 thousand 982 people so far and the death of 2 million 727 thousand 738 people due to the disease has been confirmed.

According to the latest statistics, 99,795,152 people with Covid-19 have improved so far.

The incidence of Covid-19 disease, which has so far spread to 219 countries and regions around the world, continues to rise, and the disease continues to claim victims worldwide.

The United States still tops the list of countries with Covid-19 with more than 30.5 million infected and more than 555,000 victims.

Brazil ranks second in the world after the United States with more than 11.9 million cases, and the number of cases of Covid-19 in India has exceeded 11.6 million, and is now the third country in the world in terms of the highest number of cases. Is.

After the United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, Britain and Italy have the highest rates of deaths, respectively.

The death toll from the Covid 19 in Britain has exceeded 126,000, making it the largest corona victim in Europe to date. In addition, the number of corona victims in Italy now exceeds 104,000 and ranks second among European countries.

Russia has reported more than 95,000, France more than 92,000 and Germany more than 75,000 feet due to Covid-19 disease.

After these countries, Spain with more than 72 thousand, Colombia with more than 62 thousand, Iran with more than 61 thousand and 700, Argentina with 54 thousand, South Africa with more than 52 thousand, Peru with more than 50 thousand and Poland with More than 49,000 people have died in other countries that have recorded high death tolls from Covid 19.

According to the World Database, the number of patients and victims of this disease in the 10 countries that according to official reports had the highest statistics so far until this morning (Monday, April 2, 1400) is as follows:

1. United States: 30,521,765 infected, 555,314 victims

۲. Brazil: 11 million 998 thousand 233 infected, 294 thousand 115 victims

3. India: 11 million 646 thousand 81 infected, 160 thousand 3 victims

4. Russia: 4,456,869 infected, 95,030 victims

5. England: 4,296,583 infected, 126,155 victims

6. France: 4,282,603 ​​infected, 92,305 victims

7. Italy: 3,376,376 infected, 104,942 victims

8. Spain: 3 million 212 thousand 332 infected, 72 thousand 910 victims

9. Turkey: 3 million 13 thousand 122 infected, 30 thousand 61 victims

10. Germany: 2 million 670 thousand infected, 75 thousand 270 victims

According to the statistics, the top 21 countries in the table are now over one million, followed by the United States, Brazil and India – which are the three countries with the highest number of patients in the world – Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Spain , Turkey, Germany, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Iran, Ukraine, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Peru, Indonesia and the Netherlands have also registered more than one million cases.