The latest statistics of coronary mortality in Tehran

According to Eqtesad Online, quoted by Imena, Nahid Khodakarami stated that the decreasing trend of coronary mortality continues in Tehran, but its slope has become milder. We have had coronary mortality, but on average this trend has been slow and slow.

He continued: “The decrease in deaths is due to the restrictions imposed in late November and early December, and there is a concern that with the return of activities to the previous routine, especially the traditional Yalda night ceremony, another peak will be formed in Tehran;” We have lost well-known doctors in the medical community due to this disease, and the medical staff does not have the capacity to accept new couriers and they are tired and exhausted, especially because their demands are not taken into account and even the medical system does not have the authority to tariff their services. The private sector and offices have many problems.

He said that on Thursday last week, 56 deaths due to corona were registered in Behesht Zahra, of which 31 were men and 25 women. “By the end of last week, more than 22,400 deaths due to corona were registered in Behesht Zahra,” he said. 13 thousand 629 were men and 8 thousand 764 were women.

The head of the health committee of the Tehran City Council stated that despite the heavy costs, businesses have been closed and semi-closed for almost a year. With innovation and creativity, formulate health protocols for each guild with the cooperation of guild representatives so that people can continue their activities with the least risk in coronary conditions.

He stressed: “Guilds have suffered great losses due to the difficult conditions in Corona, which the government is unable to compensate for these losses, so we must prepare special protocols for each profession and learn to live with Corona and perform daily activities instead of closing.”

Khodakarami, referring to the need to buy Corona vaccine from reputable companies in the world, said: “The second Corona vaccine can be transported in minus 20 degrees and can be stored in the refrigerator even for a short time.”

He added: “It is necessary for the government to buy and import vaccines with the support of the private sector.” In the meantime, the private sector can more easily buy and import vaccines, as well as Iranian money that is blocked abroad to buy vaccines, so this purchase must be from reputable companies to have the most effectiveness and the least side effects.