The latest statistics of Hamadan province until the first of December

According to Borna; On Monday, Mohammad Taheri told IRNA about the latest statistics of coronary heart disease in Hamadan province: “The number of outpatients in hospitals with suspected respiratory symptoms of coronary artery in the last 24 hours was 277, of which 28 in the normal ward and 12 in The ICU was admitted, and 36 people are reported to be in critical condition.

Referring to the identification of 18 new patients with coronary artery disease in the past 24 hours, he said: “Taking into account this number, the total number of patients and positive cases hospitalized since the beginning of the coronavirus virus in the province’s hospitals reached 9,656 people.”

The Public Relations Manager of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences stated: 2 people have lost their lives due to coronary heart disease in the last 24 hours and the number of deaths of this disease in the province since the beginning of the virus epidemic has reached 1,396.

He also said about the latest situation of coronary patients in the cities: so far, the number of coronary patients hospitalized in Assadabad is 340, Bahar 552, Tuyserkan 595, Razan 374, Dargazin 164, Famenin 170 and Kaboudrahang 604.

Taheri added: “Also, 1,809 people were infected and hospitalized in Malayer, 1,084 in Nahavand and 3,702 in Hamadan. Also, 262 of the patients are hospitalized, non-native and from outside the province.”