The latest statistics on education and dropout

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Hamshahri, this year Corona disease became more than other reasons and the fear of getting the disease, the lack or lack of telecommunication and internet infrastructure and not having a mobile phone and tablet to benefit from Virtual education It prevented many students from studying. According to the Ministry of Education, at the beginning of the current academic year, 500,000 students did not register for textbooks, of which 220,000 were in primary school, 159,000 in secondary school, 152,000 in theoretical high school and 82,000 in vocational schools. Since the beginning of the school year, the exact number of students who have dropped out of school has not been published, but according to ministry officials Education And the general managers of the provinces are many times more than in previous years. With our follow-up from all over the country to provide statistics, we either did not cooperate or it was postponed. Only the governors of Sistan and Baluchestan and Khorasan Razavi provinces spoke out, and the rest of the provinces said they were still reviewing the statistics and were not allowed to publish them. The time for announcing the final statistics was announced in late January and early February.

90,000 first graders did not register

Since mid-September, with the decisions taken to reopen schools, some families have preferred not to send their children to school. With these decisions, according to the statistics of the first classes, there should be a significant reduction. Rezvan Hakimzadeh, deputy director of primary education at the Ministry of Education, says that the total number of registrations has increased by about 3% this year compared to last year. Both in the first grade and in the whole elementary school, we grew in terms of gross enrollment rate. Of course, this increase can not mean a decrease in the number of school dropouts, but it can be due to an increase in the number of children entering school age compared to the previous year; The issue is confirmed in Hakimzadeh’s speeches; This year, for the first time, statistics on children aged 6 years were received from the Civil Registration Organization. After registering the data at the end of October, a comparison of the registration statistics with the registration data showed that about 90,000 children are not in the registration statistics. Because the information in the documentation system (Student Electronic Registration System) is done in stages from all over the country, it is likely that a number of children will be recruited and the number of primary school dropouts will decrease.

105 thousand 673 people; Survivor of education in Sistan

Sistan and Baluchestan has over 800,000 students. Survivors of education have always been one of the great challenges of this province. Economic poverty is the biggest barrier to the education of Sistani children and adolescents in many rural and suburban areas, which reach less than one million tomans. Davood Goli, director of public relations for education and upbringing in the province, says: “Last year, we identified 141,879 school dropouts, of which we managed to attract 36,260 people. There are still 105,673 people left. The lack of telecommunication and internet infrastructure in the vast province of Sistan is a very serious problem. Students in many parts of the province do not have access to the Internet and do not have access to online education. According to the director of public relations for education in the province, to solve part of the problem, classes are still held in rural and nomadic areas, because the number of students in these areas is small and teachers are natives of those areas. Also, through 260 educational guides, educational packages are distributed among all rural, nomadic and suburban areas so that students can benefit from the necessary education. Every year, about 25,000 school-age children are added to Sistan’s education system. This number of new students increases the need for facilities in the province and demands more attention from officials and donors.

08.82% of students in Shad Network have been authenticated

The Ministry of Education announced in October that 3.5 million students would not be able to use the Happy Network, would not have the necessary tools for virtual education, or would have access to the Internet if they did. According to the latest statistics obtained from the public relations of Shad Education Program, access to this network has increased and out of a total of 14 million 447 thousand 959 students in the country, 08.82% or 12 million 452 thousand 415 people have been authenticated, of which 67.09% and 18.09%, respectively They are present. The criterion for being active in Shad Network is the activity of each student 5 hours a week. Students in Qom provinces with 84.1%, Markazi with 3.83%, Kermanshah with 80.04%, Alborz with 79.09% and Zanjan with 79.05% are considered as active students in this network and the provinces at the bottom of the table have not been announced. In any case, e-learning has been running in the Iranian education system for a year, and it is hoped that with the development of cooperation between the government and private sector operators, more regions and villages will be connected to the Internet and solutions will be found in the field of slowing down and disrupting the Internet. Be basic.

Possibility of reducing the number of school dropouts in Khorasan Razavi

It was reported that the number of school dropouts in Khorasan Razavi has tripled to 40,000. Reza Saberi Toolaei, Khorasan-e-Razavi Deputy Minister of Secondary Education, says: “The most important reasons for students to drop out of school are child-spouse, employment of children and adolescents in agriculture and animal husbandry, and the school plan in the mosque, which provides non-formal education to children.” It becomes. Tulayi announces 98.44% of primary school enrollment in Khorasan-e-Razavi this year, 98.80% in junior high school and 90.65% in junior high school, and adds that the number of school dropouts in the province has tripled. And a significant number have been recruited in the last month, and we expect that figure to fall in the statistics released in late December.