The life of the nursing community is reminiscent of the sacrifices of the holy defense era

According to the public relations of the Basij Organization of the Medical Society of the country, the text of the message is as follows:

Hazrat Zainab, peace be upon him, is the myth of patience and perseverance and the messenger of the human values ​​of the Ashura movement, who kept the spirit of humanity and freedom alive throughout history by publishing the high messages of the Husseini movement and made humanity indebted to him forever. Milad Farkhondeh, a nurse in Karbala plain, who has been nominated for Nursing Day, in addition to paying homage to her high position as a symbol of compassion, humanity and role models for Muslim and free women, is a great opportunity to celebrate the position and services of the honorable nursing community.

Communication with the soul of Ashraf creatures is the source of holiness of all professions of the medical group, and in the meantime, nursing as a link between physicians and patients and through direct and continuous communication with patients, has a special honor, holiness and spirituality. Sincere patience and compassion for the afflicted and suffering patients and anxious companions during the inflammatory and stressful period of the disease, really requires patience and experienced nurses in Islamic Iran who are the manifestation of human kindness, mercy and compassion and adorned with religious and professional ethics. They are really examples of patience.

The essence of the nursing profession is associated with love, compassion and self-sacrifice, and the difficulties of this profession can not be replaced by any material reward, especially in the health system, which is far from the favorable evaluation of nursing services and fair pay, practically nothing but the spiritual motivation to continue nursing. Has not caused. Providing community health is the product of the teamwork of all employees of the health system, including all professions and disciplines, and without proper nursing services, physicians’ medical services, especially in hospitals, will not be effective. Accordingly, the quality of medical services should be sought more than anything else in the quality of nursing services. The motivated and lively presence of a sufficient population of experienced, skilled and experienced nurses is one of the desirable medical services, especially inpatient and hospital services. Unfortunately, for various reasons, including the shortcomings of the nursing services evaluation system, the limited number of nurses in the health system has become one of the obstacles to the development and promotion of health services in our country and compensating for this shortcoming requires determination and empathy of health policy makers.

The courage, self-sacrifice and selflessness of the nursing community in the face of Corona, which is reminiscent of and inspired by the sacrifices of the holy defense era, showed the greatness and holiness of the services of these loved ones and aroused the admiration and respect of the Muslim people of Iran. Congratulating all the dear nurses on the auspicious birthday of Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) and Nurse’s Day, this organization humbly appreciates the patient and life-giving services of these loved ones and wishes all the dear nurses the highest ranks in the campaign against coronary heart disease. And their patient families wish them health and happiness. Also appreciating the special services of the dear nurses in the plan of Shahid Soleimani, who with the participation of the Basij Organization of the Medical Society and the Ministry of Health have dealt with coronary heart disease through active diagnosis, intelligent isolation (quarantine) and livelihood support, invites the grateful people of Islamic Iran Take an active part in breaking the corona virus transmission chain by fulfilling their social responsibility to comply with the guidelines for combating coronary heart disease and cooperating with Basijis across the country in implementing the plan, especially physical distancing, avoiding unnecessary traffic and family gatherings, and observing quarantine if necessary. And thus reduce the exhausting pressure of nursing services in this period and be practically grateful to these loved ones.

The organization also invites all policymakers and executives in the government and parliament to remove obstacles to the recruitment of nurses and establish justice in the evaluation of nursing services with urgency and readiness to consult with the government and parliament and nursing unions to expedite the follow-up. Announces the material and spiritual demands and rights of the nursing community.