The longest football match without a winner is over!

A football match that lasted an incredible 84 years ended without a winner.

According to ILNA, the match between Leilapas of Greece and Karshiaka of Turkey, which was stopped 84 years ago and exactly three minutes after the start due to rain, was resumed 6 years ago.

On December 7, 1930, the two teams met on a Greek island. The match was organized to strengthen relations between the two countries after World War I, but heavy rain only allowed three minutes of the match to allow the Turkish team to return home without a fight.

After a photo was found in the archives of the Leilapas club, the club’s coach Michel Koutakis contacted his counterpart Fateh Deniz in Karsiyaka. Kotakis left for Izmir to meet with the leaders of the opposing team and announced the offer to continue the match, which was approved by the officials of the Turkish team.

The match took place in August 2014, but in the 67th minute, the spectators rushed into the pitch and cheered; In any case, the game continued and with a few minutes left until the 90th minute, the referee blew the final whistle, and this match, which is known as the longest football match, finally ended with a score of five to five after 84 years. Receipt.